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28313the Asuras

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  • Joel Wendt
    Jul 24 7:27 AM
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      The only place I have found activity that would seem to be truly
      "asuric" in human existence, is among those lost in worst of inner hells
      on earth - in addiction and alcoholism. Having created a powerful
      egregore (a psychic parasite) in the soul, through repeatedly giving
      into their temptation, the i-AM, the ego, more and more begins to lose
      the very ground under its feet. The egregore seems to occupy the soul
      completely (try to enter within, using the imagination, the soul life of
      a crack whore - yet at the same time do this in a way that keeps what
      goes on their at a distance, it is not healthy for the soul to acquire
      an intimate relationship with such states of being) and their i-AM at
      that point is unable to manifest any potency of will at all.

      Steiner gives us to understand that the Asuras have the role in the
      Cosmos such that they will be able in the future to consume the ego. In
      the depths of the worst of these addictions, the ego is now vulnerable,
      and if you read what people describe of this condition, of the
      increasing sense of loss of self, then we can form a picture of how the
      asuric element sits ready to prey upon its one food, the ego itself.

      The tendency among anthroposophists to ascribe deep and conscious acts
      of human evil to the asuric powers, I find not very logical. Human
      beings are capable of manifesting the worst kinds of evil, out of their
      freedom, if they so choose. The pediphile loves their dark pleasure, as
      does the torturer, and scientist who finds ways to destroy and control
      the minds of experimental subjects. This "affection" for these dark
      pleasures is connected to an addiction to the intoxicating power rush
      obtained through these acts. All the same, this human evil is not an
      asuric power, as far as I am able to think into this problem, but rather
      that counterpart, within the free human soul as the microcosm, to the
      macrocosmic Beast from the Abyss. Out of the deep dark potential of the
      lower ego, and our related freedom, human individuals give birth to
      these dark powers - they do not come from outside us, via allegedly
      "evil" Beings.

      However, since we on this list do not yet forthrightly seek to penetrate
      the Mystery of Evil, a number of these kinds of problems remain
      unexamined here, and all kinds of useless, unexamined and mischevious
      assumptions circulate here.

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