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  • Joel Wendt
    Jul 23, 2006
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      Dear Bradford,

      `I read the below (sort of), and could not recognize in it anything that
      related to my own experience of the events with which Robert had taken
      so many liberties of reinterpretation. This being the case (plus the
      fact that what you wrote seemed so abstract as to be almost meaningless
      in the light of my own experience), this theme seems to evidence little
      attraction to me, nor any aspect which might suggest my efforts at
      sharing such intimacies had any use for others. Albeit, there might be
      a glimmer somewhere in all that verbage. Perhaps you could make an
      effort (should you wish to continue along this line), to write your
      question in a single paragraph. Such brevity and conciseness might
      allow my poor fevered brain find something to take hold of in such a way
      as would let me respond. I have been obtuse enough?

      warm regards,

      holderlin66 wrote:

      > Thanks Joel. At this moment I was not trying to make fun or be unkind.
      > But I respect the sensitive issue on which this lesson hinges. To
      > describe the issue in relation to tests of the Higher Guardian or the
      > overshadowing of an inspired being, that hovers over our development
      > within a certain designated age range, there lies a certain esoteric
      > temptation to understand the changes in our intimate thinking in
      > relation to our meeting with Spiritual Science with an overshoot the
      > mark paradigm. From our meeting with Spiritual Science a radical new
      > personality begins to emerge from the sheath of our former personality
      > and as we sense this change and search our biographies we have a
      > tendency IMO to overshoot.
      > This unfolding of a new personality is partly due to the nourishment
      > of entirely new thoughts that become food that links the connection
      > between our Angels and our higher selves with whole new channels of
      > intimate nourishment. In our biographical developments we can see
      > certain bold demarcations and indicators that cause us to consider
      > that we are undergoing modifications of our subtle bodies and to feel
      > the intimate modifications in our subtle bodies as something that
      > certainly relates directly to Initiation. At least we are surrounded
      > by thoughts that do awaken in us a sense of how special and amazing
      > biography is and that we also are part of this great mystery of the
      > unfolding I AM and are intimate to it.
      > In Soloviev's "Three Encounters and short interlude of the Anti-
      > Christ" which I stupidly cannot find on the internet... also gives a
      > description of the painful conflict that a figure who will also be
      > overshadowed by a god, who also will play a major contributing part to
      > the development of humanity, struggles with the very same issues that
      > Zarathustra/Jesus struggled with. Only the overshadowing of this vast
      > being at around the age of 30 is depicted by Soloviev as having to
      > weigh up the forces in the soul that must compare itself to Jesus. It
      > rather dislikes this comparison that somehow the Divine Being of the
      > Christ that hovered over and entered Jesus, has gone before it. There
      > is an immense internal struggle in this human being. There is a voice
      > and there is a sense of should he end his life or was his life spared
      > from walking off a cliff... I'm recalling this from memory and
      > somewhere in my files I have the example of the text.
      > Now one of the aspects of these trials are placed in terms of our
      > human biographies, that the intensity of forces we uncover inside us,
      > as we take up the powerful thinking forces of Spiritual Science and
      > our inner sheath and personality and biography begin to morph awakes
      > something that almost feels foreign. We morph or so we can feel inside
      > of ourselves changes that allow us to suspect that we are rapidly
      > changing into another being than we were formerly.
      > Formerly our education and limited sensual vision of the common field
      > of human activity, did not have such tools, insights and forces
      > revealed to it as Spiritual Science reveals. These forces bring about
      > changes in our relationship to our Angel and there is a germinating
      > seed force... call it a foreshadowing and education of both the
      > Consciousness Soul and the Spirit Self that is frought with internal
      > barriers in society today.
      > The seed of this Spirit Self begins to stir in the sheaths of the
      > human being. Perhaps it is a distant stirring out of the higher self,
      > but one feels this stirring none the less. It is a certain kind of
      > premonition of pregnancy of our higher members. Now it is here that we
      > do not face the offical trial of the Higher Guardian..but we become
      > aware of new forces stirring in our depths. These new forces are not
      > the offical trial of the Higher Guardian but we sense the paradigm of
      > inner growth and expansion as something almost foreign to who we were
      > as we built up our sheath from childhood, from our parents, our
      > education, our environment to America or Norway or England or Japan or
      > China... and something foreign to this base of intelligence and
      > thinking begins to stir in us.
      > So, IMO Joel had a foretaste of such intimate changes and Robert Mason
      > went into the substance of Joel's writing with a stripping agent, a
      > kind of acid attack on any vague assumptions that Joel might have
      > wrestled with and exposed. Mason blew those assumptions and issues
      > into a full blown attack that lets us glimpse the problems and dangers
      > of the so called Higher Guardian.
      > I rather prefer that such intimacies that stir in us, remain waiting
      > on what we understand as Knowledge of the Higher Worlds, as to when we
      > are ready, we certainly will face these moments. But lets not invite
      > them prematurely. But how do we know what is premature? Nobody sits
      > there and tells us these things. I have always felt that like a garden
      > of melons or flowers, the higher worlds certainly knows when any of us
      > are ripe for certain experiences. But our inner soul scrutiny doesn't
      > always want to wait, but prefers to rush it, as if the premature
      > something is already completed.
      > I have always been of the opinion that I was happy not to press facing
      > these moments, by being happy with something so new, so novel, so
      > amazing as the wealth of all those who contribute to Spiritual
      > Science, that I did not wish to rush to the threshold and press my
      > uncertainies against the threshold of spiritual unfoldment and
      > constantly annoy the Masters by asking them every five minutes if I am
      > ready yet? The Masters get annoyed because you we want it on our
      > egotistic time, not on their wise time. I would rather spend as much
      > time as I can in strengthening my understanding of my self and the
      > world from hundreds of perspectives than to be tossed into the world
      > of my own self made psychic storms.
      > So we indeed can recognize that certain forces are stirring in us,
      > that are new and foreign to what common humanity apparently assumes of
      > religion and immortality, but IMO it is wonderful to wait within
      > enrichment rather than presume that I am nearly there. I rather
      > presume I am not nearly there, nor even close, but I do understand
      > that there are subtle changes arising. If I make a big deal about
      > these sudden changes it is exactly like wanting to touch butterfly
      > wings and nuzzle the Chysalis, move the plant around every second to
      > get more sunlight instead of letting the plant move itself from within.
      > So, not to offend, there are several on this list that have worries
      > and concerns that they have perhaps bumped into this Higher Guardian
      > trial. Which I tend to refrain from pressing. I sense the pressure to
      > explain and press issues out of the soul towards grasping the meaning
      > of certain mysteries of our individual biographies... but I certainly
      > don't mind coming in last on this Trial.
      > Now it would appear that Mason perhaps also has some vested egotism
      > that might appear as understanding that he also had been stirred and
      > Martha, in another quiet way was stirred, as we have brought up here,
      > Martha and Joan of Arc hearing Michael and we could include many souls
      > who come into the relationship of Knowledge of the Higher Worlds and
      > wonder where the range of their experiences arise from? It is sacred,
      > holy and highly filled with potential egotistic ground that our
      > schooling in Knowledge of the Higher Worlds treads upon.
      > So I wonder if there was any light that Joel, having endured this
      > experience, could shed on the mighty inner turmoil, or sense of
      > biographical strain, or even the various latent flaws and addictions
      > that might either be pockets of force in the soul to be understood, or
      > that were helpers in shaping the biography and the gifts any one of us
      > bear. I fully understand if you would rather not elaborate. It is very
      > intimate and potent ground to tread upon.
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