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27555Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] true perception of Nature Spirits

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  • dottie zold
    Jul 2, 2006
      Hey Deborah,

      It's interesting because I think it almost outs the
      situation that is hiding behind the doors so to speak.
      Stephen made a comment that I was asking 'Jewish
      styled questions', Dan offered a quote from the bible
      about the Jews trying to ask Jesus the Christ
      questions to get him to admit something that then he
      would be hung for. I mean it is really incredible how
      Stephen will take it from Dan and then use it in a
      racist form. But all in all I think I am happy to see
      such blatant racist ignorance instead of it being
      hidden in their work only to be then committed to
      Rudolf Steiner's way of thinking later on down the
      line by one like Staudenmaier. At least this way the
      Staudenmaier group and the wcers can see that any body
      can claim to be working off of a persons work and at
      the same time that would not necessarily represent
      that particular persons teachings in its fullest.

      And I think you are right that it is small minded
      thinking when compared to the larger group of people.


      --- laquerencia33@... wrote:

      > I would simply prefer a descriptive term that didn't
      > refer to a particular
      > ethnic group. It isn't necessary today to use a
      > prejorative term like
      > Arabism which reflects on what is in reality a large
      > and very
      > heterogenious group of people. Why can't the
      > Occident/West take
      > responsibility for its own plundering and
      > psychological splitting instead
      > of demonizing other religious traditions? There's
      > much more breathing
      > room in a world with a diversity of spiritual
      > perspectives than in one
      > converted to Christian fundamentalism, which in its
      > militant form is
      > driving the most powerfully destructive impulses on
      > the world stage at
      > this time. Why not let's just worry about
      > confronting the shadow side of
      > our own country and spiritual traditions.
      > I'm speaking here in very general terms about what
      > we contribute to the
      > zeitgeist with our concepts...
      > DeborahB
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