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27554true perception of Nature Spirits

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  • laquerencia33@sbcglobal.net
    Jul 2, 2006
      I would simply prefer a descriptive term that didn't refer to a particular
      ethnic group. It isn't necessary today to use a prejorative term like
      Arabism which reflects on what is in reality a large and very
      heterogenious group of people. Why can't the Occident/West take
      responsibility for its own plundering and psychological splitting instead
      of demonizing other religious traditions? There's much more breathing
      room in a world with a diversity of spiritual perspectives than in one
      converted to Christian fundamentalism, which in its militant form is
      driving the most powerfully destructive impulses on the world stage at
      this time. Why not let's just worry about confronting the shadow side of
      our own country and spiritual traditions.

      I'm speaking here in very general terms about what we contribute to the
      zeitgeist with our concepts...

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