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  • holderlin66
    Jun 1, 2006
      "You will do well to try to innoculate the Indians by means of
      blanketts, as well as to try every other method that can serve to
      extirpate this execrable race..." ~ Approval by Lord Gen. Jeffrey
      Amherst, British Commander-in-Chief of America, for Col. H.
      Bouquet's suppression of Pontiac's Rebellion with smallpox laced-
      blankets, July 1763. The attack partially backfired when Bouquet
      infected his own troops.

      "The United States has come a long way since our British ancestors
      used small pox poisoned blankets as a biological weapon against
      Indians. But, sadly, biological weapons are still with us – indeed
      they are becoming a major thrust of the U.S. military and a threat
      to humanity.


      "Ft. Detrick in Frederick, MD, just 45 miles away from the nation's
      capitol, is going through a massive expansion into the largest bio-
      weapons facility in the world. The federal government is installing
      a 220-acre campus that will bring together numerous federal agencies
      anchored by a massive U.S. Army building – 22 acres in size. The
      National Interagency Biodefense Campus (NIBC) is likely to ignite a
      bio-weapons arms race.

      After 9/11 the Bush administration dramatically increased funding
      for bio-weapons activity. Ft. Detrick will become the National
      Interagency Biodefense Campus (NIBC), bringing together the U.S Army
      Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, the National
      Institute of Health, the Department of Homeland Security, and the
      Department of Agriculture. The campus will cost billions of dollars,
      cover hundreds of acres, include millions of square feet of
      buildings and thousands of square feet of BSL-4 (Level 4) laboratory
      space – laboratories used for experimentation with infectious agents
      of which there exists neither a vaccine nor a cure. All of this in
      the now heavily populated Frederick County with more than 200,000

      As part of their efforts to "defend" the United States from bio-
      weapons, Ft. Detrick will be creating new weapons, as well as the
      means to mass-produce and disseminate them. The rationale is that to
      defend against the weapons we have to understand them. In the
      Frederick News Post, Barry Kissin, a lawyer activist who is running
      for Congress in Frederick, asked Col. Mary Deutsch, Fort Detrick's
      Commander, about the work at the base and she acknowledged that
      among the technology used will be "genetic engineering or
      recombinant DNA technology" along with many other "advanced
      methods." Follow up questions by Kissin's colleagues about allowing
      international inspections and potential violations of international
      treaties went unanswered. The former chief American negotiator of
      the Biological Weapons Convention, James Leonard, has warned that
      the administration's initiative could be interpreted
      as "development" of biological weapons in violation of the
      Biological Weapons Convention. Of course, there are endless
      variations of pathogens so this is a never-ending task – a constant
      drain of billions of U.S. tax dollars on a strategy that will never
      lead to safety. According to Dr. Milton Leitenberg, a veteran arms
      control advocate and senior scholar at the University of Maryland's
      Center for International and Security Studies, germ warfare agents
      can be genetically modified and each modification may require a
      different vaccine or countermeasure.

      History of Problems with Security at Ft. Detrick Continue to This

      Ft. Detrick has had significant problems over the years. Before 1969
      a seven-story tower was used to house anthrax bacteria. When Nixon
      stopped production the tower was off limits. There were repeated
      efforts to clean the tower. A 1993 Ft. Detrick publication noted
      that the tower had been used to grow anthrax, "a dangerous organism
      which can lie dormant for thousands of years in a spore state [and
      then become reactivated]." The Tower was demolished in 2003 and all
      indications are that the rubble was deposited in the Frederick
      County landfill.

      In addition, it was discovered in 1991 that water supplies
      surrounding Ft. Detrick contained high levels of cancer causing
      agents, TCE and PCE. The Washington Post reported: "The Maryland
      Department of the Environment and the Frederick County Health
      Department tested 33 wells at homes near Area B. Half were
      contaminated with the two agents, six so badly that the water was
      unfit to drink. In a few wells, concentrations of the two chemicals
      exceeded Environmental Protection Agency limits many times over. In
      an Army monitoring well nearest the dump, the chemicals were so
      concentrated, "you could smell it," said Joseph Gortva, an engineer
      who is managing the cleanup."

      In 2003, The Guardian headlined "U.S. Finds Evidence of WMD – at
      last – Buried in Maryland." They reported:

      "The good news for the Pentagon yesterday was that its investigators
      had finally unearthed evidence of weapons of mass destruction,
      including 100 vials of anthrax and other dangerous bacteria.

      "The bad news was that the stash was found, not in Iraq, but fewer
      than 50 miles from Washington, near Fort Detrick in the Maryland

      "Even more embarrassing for the Pentagon, there was no documentation
      about the various biological agents disposed of at the US bio-
      defence centre at Fort Detrick.

      "The Fort Detrick clean-up has unearthed over 2,000 tonnes of
      hazardous waste.

      "The sanitation crews were shocked to find vials containing live
      bacteria. As well as the vaccine form of anthrax, the discarded
      biological agents included Brucella melitensis, which causes the
      virulent flu-like disease brucellosis, and klebsiella, a cause of

      The Washington Post report noted that deer jump through the fields
      and cattle roam where the poisons were found. And, in addition
      traces of Agent Orange.
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