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26700Re: The death and possoble resurrection of anthroposophy

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  • dottie zold
    May 31, 2006
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      Uffe, I just sense the brotherhood in that paper you presented. I am
      not offended nor do I find it offensive if someone actually has some
      clear thoughts pertaining to Rudolf Steiner, Prokofieff, Goethe, and
      others if they are offered in an objective manner. While it looks
      objective what can be seen is a desire to blame Anthroposophists for
      some sort of failure to grow due to the fact that Rudolf Steiner did
      not pay enough homage to the 'historical Church' read Catholic Church.
      It is an old old fundy Christian tool that is used on them as the
      boogey man.

      I get you have sympathies with the Catholic Church. I honor that you
      feel the need to return to it and you were rejected because a friend
      of yours told the preacher that you believed in reincarnation. Now
      lets put that up against something this paper stated which was
      that 'Catholics have openly welcomed Tomberg'. That is an untruth, a
      manipulation. Catholics by the millions would denounce Tomberg in an
      instant just due to the Tarot cards to start out with, reincarnation
      would follow right along with thier issue not to mention his claim
      that he was interacting with a certain 'being, teacher. I think you
      and your Tomberg brethren really do your teacher a disservice. You
      look to what his physical personality wrought while here on earth and
      give no thought as to what he may be looking at in hindsight. I think
      you dig his grave for him in such a way that he shall be bound by it.

      You and they shall see Anthroposophy grow like you've never seen
      before. There is an openening and a thirst that they shall feed. And
      people are leaving the Catholic church in droves. They are fed up
      with being manipulated and lied to.

      I don't expect you can see it clearly as there is just this
      mesmerizing being that seems to be seducing quite a few of you. That
      is really my thought and no disrespect meant. The more I participate
      in these conversations, the more I become educated about the issues,
      I really find a mesmerizing, non clear thinking about the truth
      about Anthroposophy and its leader Rudolf Steiner.

      I read Mr. Powells work before I ever knew of Mr.Prokofieff. When I
      went to the bookstore at the Branch, looking for a book or something,
      the librarian offered me the book The TrinoSophia. And I told him I
      had already read it. He then offered me some other books by Mr.
      Powell which I then felt compelled to tell him that I would probably
      not buy another book by this gentleman as I found him adrift of what
      I understood from my own personal experiences as well as that of
      Rudolf Steiner. It would only be a year or so later I would come to
      understand why.

      I hold nothing against Mr. Powell or his teachings they just are not
      for me. That does not mean I think they are less or whatever rather I
      am nore attuned to Rudolf Steinre's teachings which seem to be quite
      different than Mr. Powells. It is subtle but it is true.


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