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25634Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Re: "On the 'anthroposophy and racism' hoax"

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  • Judy Baumbauer
    May 6, 2006
      Dear Joel,
      What you write is very interesting. Do you ever come to Germany? I'd love to have my husband meet you. He's a eurythmist who has (or thinks he has) MPD.
      Warm regards,

      Joel Wendt <hermit@...> schrieb:
      Dear Theodor,

      I can only respond to what you write. You put a lot of at odds
      ideas in a single sentence, including disparaging remarks about
      anthroposophists and Steiner. You create the picture others have of you

      Like most anthroposophists (and Steiner), we too are human beings,
      flawed and real. But when you make your own remarks describing Steiner
      as schizophrenic, and anthroposophists as believers in myths, then why
      are you surprised when what you put out comes back to you.

      What goes around comes around, does it not?

      You also make big assumptions. You assume I have patients to whom I
      speak and say things like I said to you. But you don't actually know
      what it means when I say I have 18 years experience in mental health.
      Let me give you a clue there.

      You seem to conflate schizophrenia and multiple personality
      disorder, two very distinct psychological states or "diseases".
      Schizophrenia is clearly is dysfunction at the level of brain chemistry
      (often resulting in hearing voices), while MPD, once a popular
      diagnosis, has fallen into disrepute, and many now see it as a variation
      on one or more character disorders (as well as a trap into which many
      therapists, who only have master degrees in social work, have fallen).

      The field of psychiatry and psychology, below the level of PhD, is
      filled with many people who have no business treating other people.
      MPD, along with the once assumed idea that every young woman with any of
      the various eating disorders has been abused but repressed the memory,
      seems to be more an invention of the poorly trained therapist then a
      real condition of the mind.

      Because the nature of mental therapies can lead to confusion about
      objectivity, and the role of the therapist as a helper and support, it
      has come about that the truth of the patient's mental state often slides
      away. Poorly trained therapists will believe almost anything the
      patient says (trying to be supportive), while the patients, especially
      those with character disorders, will invent almost any symptom in order
      to gain their secondary goals.

      Even PhD therapists have difficulty here. I once saw a PhD doctor
      accept as a patient a street whore who was (as usual) also a heroin
      addict, and within a week the doctor had discovered she had 23
      personalities. Of course, for this addict, she now had an official
      excuse to refuse to confront her addiction, because it wasn't her fault
      anymore, it was the fault of one of her "alternate personalities".

      A secondary goal for someone with a character disorder is not
      treatment or cure, but rather some other objective or pay off, which the
      patient with the character disorder seeks. They become, in a very real
      sense, co-dependent with the therapist, who feeds their need for seeing
      themselves as "ill", while all the while the real goal is to have
      something they can use to portray themselves as a victim and use that
      victim-hood position in order to manipulate their environment.

      You try to talk the talk, but give no evidence in this field of
      being able to walk the walk, either as a patient or as someone in a
      position to diagnose others.

      Maybe you should leave this list and concentrate on your theraputic
      needs. Someone serious about their treatment, and their own mental
      health, will have no problem understanding this.

      warm regards,

      grekenquist wrote:

      > --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, Joel Wendt
      > wrote:
      > > As someone with 18 years in the field of mental health, it is
      > clear that
      > > the author of these words is as ignorant of his own mind as he is
      > of the
      > > mind of anyone else.
      > If you say things like that to your patients, I am glad I'm not one
      > of them. My own therapists have always been very understanding,
      > respectful, and humble, but perhaps anthroposophical therapy is
      > supposed to be arrogant and condescending because the Doctor said so.
      > > warm regards,
      > > joel
      > I love you too, Joel, although your fellow anthroposophists think
      > that I am a cold, unloving and unfeeling robot with an "etheric
      > body" shrunk to the size of a pea. When the ignorance you accuse me
      > of is added to that, I guess my value as a human being is below that
      > old facility dung I have been reading about here.
      > Theodor Grekenquist
      > http://www.skeptic.com/
      > Rudolf steiner
      > Anthroposophy
      > Occult
      > Straight from the heart
      > Beyond belief
      > Occult book
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