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25590Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Re: "On the 'anthroposophy and racism' hoax"

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  • Joel Wendt
    May 5, 2006
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      Theodor Grekenquist wrote:

      > It is not a question of authority, only of what is true. And we all
      > know that the world began with the Big Bang and that biological life
      > started with a primeval chemical soup, that there is no life without
      > biological cells and when you're deaqd, you're dead. Finito, end of
      > story. Nothing wrong with that, it's how it should be. And those who
      > want something more can turn to the sciences of the future like
      > bionics, cryonics, and space travel.
      These are the myths of scientism, for which there is no empirical
      evidence. Here is demonstrated how thinking, which knows not its own
      origins in the depths of the mind (the soul/spirit inner nexus), can
      lead to great confusion. The scientist uses a tool (his/her mind),
      toward which she/he does not apply the processes of empirical
      investigation - careful observation and clear logical thinking. With
      this ill-used tool, the results can only be theories (fancies)
      disconnected from reality, for by leaving an investigation of the mind
      out of the picture, the scientist only develops knowledge of half the

      Yes, the sense world needs to be investigated - rigorously. But the
      tool used in the investigation must itself be just as rigorously
      investigated. Otherwise it just puts out egregious bullshit of the kind
      next quoted:

      "I have observed other symptoms among certain candidates here on
      Anthroposophy Tomorrow, however, that indicate semi-advanced stages
      of philo-anthroposophical schizophrenia. I will refrain from
      mentioning names, but it should be pointed out that the pathological
      element consists of failing to distinguish between belief and
      knowledge, and that the condition may be classified as semi-advanced
      when the the afflicted individual in question is using his or her
      fantasy as an encyclopedia for history, astro-physics, biology,
      geology and so on and mixes this with a home-spun mythology. They put
      the second world war before the first one and insert the landing of
      space ships in between, chanting, "Beam Me Onboard, Doctor!" and then
      they write their own firecracking apocalypses and Doomsday scenarios
      and look down on real scientific achievers with contempt for being
      "materialistic" and having "shrunken etheric bodies" the size of peas."

      As someone with 18 years in the field of mental health, it is clear that
      the author of these words is as ignorant of his own mind as he is of the
      mind of anyone else.

      warm regards,
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