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25468Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Re: Letting Them All through the Door

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  • Frank Smith
    May 2, 2006
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      --- Theodor Grekenquist <grekenquist@...> wrote:

      > Hello Frank, you wrote:
      > >Hi, Theodor,
      > >I checked out the skeptic site and didn't find your
      > name there. Nor
      > >does Steiner pop up in the search. Is your slip
      > showing?
      > I do not understand your question, Frank. I use the
      > site-link because
      > it tells what I stand for. I do not have a website,
      > and I have not
      > written anything about Steiner.
      > Theodor Grekenquist
      > http://www.skeptic.com/
      Well, Theodor, since you don't understand my question,
      I'll explain it. Under your signature, i.e., PART of
      it, the name of that magazine appears. One therefore
      understands that the site is yours or at least partly
      yours. As I found no reference to you at the site,
      however, I questioned you. You say you put the site
      there becasue it tells what you stand for. Imo this is
      dishonest. Yet you admit it openly. Therefore I
      suspect a split personality, a trait of schizophrenia.
      You identify with the owners of Skeptic, probably even
      think you are them. When called on it, however, you
      calmly revert to apparent normalcy. This is also your
      attutude towards R. Steiner, first calling him a
      megalomaniac, then a nice benign guy in the same
      sentence. I suggest you need help, Theodor, and you've
      come to the right place to get it. How many names do
      you use, btw, and how many of them are the real you?


      Frank Thomas Smith

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