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25454Re: Schizophrenic megalomania

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  • Theodor Grekenquist
    May 2, 2006
      Hello Terence, you wrote:

      >I am curious Theodor, what qualifies you to state the above about Steiner.

      Until now, I have always been convinced that I have the same right,
      privilege, and qualifications to express my views about Rudolf
      Steiner, Julius Caesar, Charlie Chaplin, or whoever the case may be
      like anyone else, and that I would not need to apply for a licence to do so.

      >Are you a psycho-therapist, a Jungian Analyst?

      It is the essence of the whole internet game that no one ever has
      real credentials for anything they say. People with real credentials
      either don't participate in these lists or only participate very seldom.

      >How are you able to grok this? Or do you have an axe to grind?

      I have no axe to grind with anhroposophists or with Rudolf Steiner.

      >My impression of megalomania is one of power or dominion over
      >others. How do you characterize the word?

      Your definition is close and simple enough. It is obvious that
      religious founders, cult leaders, gurus, emprerors, conquerors, and
      many charismatic celebrities have had their share of megalomania, and
      Rudolf Steiner was no exception.

      >Please cite historical examples of Steiner's alleged penchant for

      He claimed to open the heavens for the masses and lead them like
      Moses into the Promised New Age Land. He claimed prophethood, walking
      and talking with the gods. Those gods, and all the etheric and astral
      bodies were just like those three illusory characters in John Nash's
      life: His Princeton room mate, the little girl, and the G-man. They
      kept following Nash around, just like gods and etheric bodies kept
      following Steiner around.

      >Nothing that I read by folks who knew the man, like Rittlemeyer,
      >remotely suggest even a discreet and mild form of megalomania (if
      >such a psychological state is even possible).

      Rittelmeyer was mesmerized by him, which is understandable. Steiner's
      alluring fantasies matched with his seductive charisma was
      irresistible to many people.

      >You seem to present to the list as one who is attempting to be
      >benign, yet at the same time hypercritical towards Steiner.

      This is a misunderstanding. I am not attempting to be benign. I am
      saying I think Steiner was a benign person, which made his
      pathological condition harmless to society, even to those who try to
      emulate him because they do not share his chemical imbalances and
      suppressed childhood traumas.

      >What is your esoteric background?

      I do not have any "esoteric background".

      >How did you get in touch with Steiner's writings?

      I was working as a drug rehab counsellor twenty years ago, and one of
      my patients was reading Steiner.

      >How old are you, i.e. what cycle of time are you currently experiencing?

      I do not give interviews online or succumb to hostile interrogations.
      In spite of this, I have answered some of your questions out of
      courtesy, and perhaps I am attempting to be benign that way :)

      Theodor Grekenquist
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