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25452Re: Truth and madness

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  • Theodor Grekenquist
    May 1, 2006
      Hello elfuncle, you wrote:

      >You seem to suggest that schizophrenic madness has characterized
      >very many prominent people through history, and that spirituality or
      >religiousness is some sort of mental disease.

      People who blur the distinction between knowledge and imagination so
      much that they do not see the difference, suffer from schizophrenia,
      or other pathologies closely related to schizophrenia.

      >I understand that you have an issue with this epistemology, that you
      >also would characterize this as some sort of madness, part and
      >parcel of the schizophrenic condition??

      What I find admirable and remarkable in Rudolf Steiner, was his
      ability to contain his rather extreme schizophrenia through a
      tremendous self-control, which helped him refrain from irrational and
      pathological behavior. In his younger years, he did everything he
      could think of to resolve his mental problem. One of these endeavors
      was to invent an epistemology that he thought would fit his visions.
      This epistemology has been examined by philosophers and scientists
      and rejected. But for Steiner it became a useful crutch to justify
      his irrational condition by passing it off as something rational, to
      himself at least.

      >So Jesus Christ was also a (benign?) schizophrenic megalomaniac; am
      >I reading you right?

      Absolutely. To a tee. That is, if Jesus Christ is a historical person
      who really lived. We do not know that. But hypothetically speaking,
      if he did live and also said those things the Bible claim he said, we
      are dealing with the most astounding case of schizophrenic
      megalomania in history. He bloated himself up to fantastic
      importance, being the life and the way and the only truth with power
      over life and death for every human being, talking about moving
      mountains and controlling the weather. It is understandable that the
      Romans were disturbed by him, because if he had not been killed, he
      would have become the most memorable of all emperors.

      Theodor Grekenquist
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