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25451Re: "On the 'anthroposophy and racism' hoax"

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  • Theodor Grekenquist
    May 1, 2006
      Hello Mike T, you wrote:

      >But you, you are no friend to Steiner and I would say rather beneath

      It is true that I am not a friend of Steiner. I am not the friend of
      any other historical figure either. But I am shocked to learn that
      this puts me in contempt. My conduct has not been disorderly, your honor.

      >Your methodolgy is well known - a wolf in sheeps clothing.

      I am not trying to devour you, Mike, or anyone else. I do not
      understand why you see me as some - werewolf?

      >One name you did not put on your scholars list is your own.

      I suggest we drop this thing about scholars. It leads to all kinds of
      strange arguments in a public forum.

      >Yet you see your self fit to judge when you do not come close to
      >having the credentials to do so.

      I have not judged anyone, Mike, but you just put me in contempt of court.

      >You are beneath contempt.

      What is my punishment? Imprisonment, a fine, or a whipping?

      Theodor Grekenquist
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