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25443Schizophrenic megalomania (was: Re: "On the 'anthroposophy and racism' hoax")

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  • Terence
    May 1, 2006
      --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, Theodor Grekenquist
      <grekenquist@...> wrote:

      > I say let us look at the problem with Steiner and Anthroposophy for
      > what it is: A case of schizophrenia matched with benign megalomania
      > due to suppressed painful childhood experiences that made him project
      > this suppressed childhood into his adult life and scientific
      > thinking. It is not necessary to argue endlessly about racism and
      > anti-Semitism and fascism, these are virtually non-existent and
      > overshadowed by his rambling idealism about the brotherhood of man.
      > The megalomaniac in him wanted to lift all of humanity out of misery
      > into his own "heaven" or "spiritual world" where he could play school
      > teacher for eternity. He sincerely believed in this fantasy so he was
      > not a deceptive or bad person, only mad in a kind sort of way.


      I am curious Theodor, what qualifies you to state
      the above about Steiner. Are you a
      psycho-therapist, a Jungian Analyst? How are you
      able to grok this? Or do you have an axe to grind?

      Perhaps many of us are shizophrenic as in the Greek
      skhizein ‘to split’ + phrÄ"n ‘mind,’ especially if
      we have developed some capacity for either
      Imagination, Inspiration and/or Intuition Our mind
      would then be *split*. Huzzah!

      I also wonder how many of us have unresolved family
      of origin issues that remain suppressed. Be that as
      it may, I am curious then as to how you are able to
      ascertain the etiology of these unresolved issues
      and how they lead to benign megalomania in Steiner.
      My impression of megalomania is one of power or
      dominion over others. How do you characterize the
      word? Please cite historical examples of Steiner's
      alleged penchant for megalomania. Nothing that I
      read by folks who knew the man, like Rittlemeyer,
      remotely suggest even a discreet and mild form of
      megalomania (if such a psychological state is even

      You seem to present to the list as one who is
      attempting to be benign, yet at the same time
      hypercritical towards Steiner. What is your
      esoteric background? How did you get in touch with
      Steiner's writings? How old are you, i.e. what
      cycle of time are you currently experiencing?

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