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2544Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Rudolf Hess

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  • Peter Staudenmaier
    Feb 27, 2004
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      Hello Detlef,
      I see that you still haven't managed to reach Ralf Sonnenberg. Would you like his email address? Anyway, on to your chosen theme:
      "OK folks, let's cede to PS:  Hess was an anthroposophist, as are all parents at Waldorf schools.   The former liked biodynamic vegetables, the latter like Waldorf Education."
      Lots of people like biodynamic vegetables. Relatively few people are so committed to maintaining a strict biodynamic diet that they do so at the risk of offending their boss, who happens to be an unpredictable dictator known for having subordinates murdered when they strike him as less than loyal. Rudolf Hess did exactly that with his boss, Hitler. If you think this indicates a merely casual interest in anthroposophical practices, may I suggest you reconsider?
      I think that the question of how narrowly to construe terms like "anthroposophist" and "follower of Steiner" is a very interesting one, but you don't seem to have much interest in it. Oddly, you have never challenged my description of Otto Schily as an anthroposophist, even though Schily has done virtually nothing as Interior Minister for Waldorf schools or biodynamic farmers, in stark contrast to Hess's well documented role in the Third Reich. It is certainly worth arguing over my characterization of Schily (after all, he says publically that he is not an anthroposophist, and according to stricter definitions of the term I'd even agree), but if you don't object in his case, how come you get all hot and bothered over Hess?

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