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25439Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Re: Letting Them All through the Door

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  • Frank Smith
    May 1, 2006
      --- Theodor Grekenquist <grekenquist@...> wrote:

      > and so-called
      > spirituality and New Age.
      > People on this list like poetry and lyrics, and I
      > would like to close
      > my post with a few lines by John Lennon:
      > "Imagine there's no heaven
      > It's easy if you try
      > No hell below us
      > Above us only sky
      > Imagine all the people
      > Living for today...
      > "Imagine there's no countries
      > It isn't hard to do
      > Nothing to kill or die for
      > And no religion too
      > Imagine all the people
      > Living life in peace..."
      > My best wishes to you all,
      > Theodor Grekenquist
      > http://www.skeptic.com/

      Hi, Theodor,
      I checked out the skeptic site and didn't find your
      name there. Nor does Steiner pop up in the search. Is
      your slip showing? Pardon my skeptic.
      Best wishes to you, too.
      Vincent von Gurke

      Frank Thomas Smith

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