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  • winters_diana
    Feb 27, 2004
      Dottie wrote:

      > I was just thinking last night that Diana one day in
      > the future could have the tables turned on her in a
      > way that Peter has tried to turn the tables on Dr.
      > Steiner. One could miss and match her words to see
      > that she was indeed fond of Dr. Steiners work as well
      > as one who did not like it. She could be considered in
      > the future by one very twisted idealogue to not be
      > sure whether she truly was a follower of Dr. Stiener
      > or if she truly did not like his work just by her
      > interaction here. It's so interesting that if a person
      > so wishes to make a thing true, despite the true
      > feelings or thoughts or intent of said person, all
      > they have to do is find a few pro and con thoughts
      > here and there and wahla you have a ready made
      > biography that ignores the heart of what Diana felt
      > about Anthroposophy.

      That's interesting, Dottie, because I was just thinking the same
      thing (not about myself, only, but lots of people). But I don't think
      any "twisting" or "table turning" would be necessary to show that I
      was "fond of Dr. Steiner's work" during one period and not so fond
      during a later period, since I have said so repeatedly, and have no
      reason to try to hide this. I state repeatedly that I studied
      anthroposophy very enthusiastically for a couple of years and still
      feel very interested in it (and still not entirely
      unsympathetically). That is true of a number of critics. The "heart"
      of what I feel about anthroposophy? . . . I don't even know what that

      (Not that I expect anyone to write *my* biography <G> - boy, would
      that be a snooze - but if someone tried to unearth what were the
      critics' "true" motives and "true" feelings about Waldorf and
      anthroposophy, and try to view the whole controversy from a total
      outsider's perspective, I'm sure many contradictions would be
      apparent in the actions and motives on both sides, and
      frequent "switching sides" would be a big part of the story.) Life is

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