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  • holderlin66
    Feb 26, 2004
      --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com,


      "What thinking produces
      is not truth but "ideologies." This word means, in the context of
      Marxian philosophy, a disguise of the selfish interest of the social
      class to which the thinking individual is attached. It is therefore
      useless to discuss anything with people of another social class.
      Ideologies do not need to be refuted by discursive reasoning; they
      must be unmasked by denouncing the class position, the social
      background, of their authors."

      Bradford attempts to illuminate;

      You see, we have ideologies. We are members of the Michael School
      club, we have got the letters, the baseball caps (which
      incidentally, I want to get a start up company that really produces
      neat baseball caps that have STEINER boldly on them for distribution
      and mail order) plus many here play in the Steiner Rock Band and
      School orchestra. There is the Eurythmy glee club, those rollicking
      cheerleaders with their sexy outfits...And those sour Rabbinical
      Waldorf Teachers all dressed in the latest Steiner Smock.

      If someone were to argue with us, well for them, Ideologies are as
      good as races, relgions, country clubs and gated communities. In
      fact think of Gated Communites. We have them all over America.
      Hopefully those Gated Communities will contain demographically like
      minded, like incomed souls with the same values. The same watered
      down and bullshit American values, but that is what we pay for in
      living in a Gated Community. You can go to any dinner party and
      really just hear the same ole stuff because of the social class that
      you have chosen to hide in.

      If you are a member of the Michael club... you might get responses
      like, "I prefer to discuss it this particular way, because what
      would be the point in saying, the people in my low rent, Ahrimanic
      mind set community, my materialistic community, really don't care
      for your stinking Steiner ideologies". For the world is now in a
      place where pockets of fragmented belief systems collect themselves,
      and incestually talk amongst themselves.

      If suddenly a different race or religion were to suddenly move in or
      rent a house in this already distinct community, well, people would
      take notice, they would respond. Prejudice would fly. OOOps there
      goes the neighborhood. The housing values go down, people leave the
      schools.. a real Love Canal.. of ecological or soico-ecological
      poison is released.

      How can I better put this? The thinking mind, the skull, the very
      substance of our souls, and Christine is right to point to idiots in
      science trying to prove humanity has a soul or that humans have
      astral out of the body experience, but they didn't ask us. The
      article she presented was right to declare that such thinking is
      beyond the scope of most thinkers and it would entail crossing the
      line to another "Ideology".

      These Ideologies, for some of us who have failed to catch up, have
      nothing to do with great bogus humanitarian brotherhood and global
      cosmopolitan hand holding and tree hugging, no. Rather they have to
      do, with how the intellect, the materialistic intellect has defined,
      not sweeping spiritual issues, but rather, pockets of isolated,
      protected, enfranchised and specific communities of ideologies.
      Gated communites, members only clubs and members only lists.

      You see how even a list becomes a Gated Village and a visitor would
      stay clear of treating the content or substance as anything but a
      highly protected klan of Ideologies, which each differnt brain and
      soul gathers around itself? For them, this has nothing to do with
      the objectivity of the world but rather appears as the highest level
      of the subjectivity of the world.
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