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2452Another bottle of wine for our guest/smell the cork

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  • holderlin66
    Feb 25, 2004
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      "holderlin66" <holderlin66@h...> wrote:

      Now here is some good whine...no I meant wine, vat is da mattter mit

      "The German nationalists had to face precisely the same problem as
      the Marxians. They also could neither demonstrate the correct­ness of
      their own statements nor disprove the theories of economics and
      praxeology. Thus they took shelter under the roof of poly­logism,
      prepared for them by the Marxians. Of course, they con­cocted their
      own brand of polylogism. The logical structure of mind, they say, is
      different with different nations and races. Every race or nation has
      its own logic and therefore its own economics, mathematics, physics,
      and so on.

      But, no less inconsistently than Professor Mannheim, Professor
      Tirala, his counterpart as cham­pion of Aryan epistemology, declares
      that the only true, correct, and perennial logic and science are
      those of the Aryans.[xiii] In the eyes of the Marxians Ricardo,
      Freud, Bergson, and Einstein are wrong because they are bourgeois;
      in the eyes of the Nazis they are wrong because they are Jews. One
      of the foremost goals of the Nazis is to free the Aryan soul from
      the pollution of the Western philoso­phies of Descartes, Hume, and
      John Stuart Mill. They are insearch of arteigen[xiv]German science,
      that is, of a science adequate to the racial character of the

      We may reasonably assume as hypothesis that man's mental abilities
      are the outcome of his bodily features. Of course, we can­not
      demonstrate the correctness of this hypothesis, but neither is it
      possible to demonstrate the correctness of the opposite view as ex­
      pressed in the theological hypothesis. We are forced to recognize
      that we do not know how out of physiological processes thoughts

      We have some vague notions of the detrimental effects pro­duced by
      traumatic or other damage inflicted on certain bodily organs; we
      know that such damage may restrict or completely de­stroy the mental
      abilities and functions of men. But that is all. It would be no less
      than insolent humbug to assert that the natural sciences provide us
      with any information concerning the alleged diversity of the logical
      structure of mind. Polylogism cannot be derived from physiology or
      anatomy or any other of the natural sciences.

      Neither Marxian nor Nazi polylogism ever went further than to
      declare that the logical structure of mind is different with various
      classes or races. They never ventured to demonstrate precisely in
      what the logic of the proletarians differs from the logic of the
      bour­geois, or in what the logic of the Aryans differs from the logic
      of the Jews or the British.

      It is not enough to reject wholesale the Ri­cardian theory of
      comparative cost or the Einstein theory of rela­tivity by unmasking
      the alleged racial background of their authors. What is wanted is
      first to develop a system of Aryan logic different from non-Aryan
      logic. Then it would be necessary to examine point by point these
      two contested theories and to show where in their reasoning
      inferences are made which—although correct from the viewpoint of non-
      Aryan logic—are invalid from the viewpoint of Aryan logic. And,
      finally, it should be explained what kind of conclusions the
      replacement of the non-Aryan inferences by the correct Aryan
      inferences must lead to.

      But all this never has been and never can be ventured by anybody.
      The garrulous champion of racism and Aryan polylogism, Professor
      Tirala, does not say a word about the difference between Aryan and
      non-Aryan logic. Polylogism, whether Marxian or Aryan, or whatever,
      has never entered into details."

      Bradford concludes;

      I guess they never met Peter.
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