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23955Re: Celebrating RS Death Day (Enneagram)

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  • holderlin66
    Apr 5, 2006
      Steve wrote:

      " But, considering that very
      fine etheric forms and beings, including Theodor Feiss were
      contained therein, and that Gurdjieff had this form of what could be
      called "cheap clairvoyance", it is quite possible that his
      admittance would be considered an offense to the environment; being
      of the astral body kind, he would only have beheld something that
      would have given him the pause of a new vantage point. "

      Bradford comments;

      What a refreshing breath of fresh air. Christ walking on water,
      etheric or otherwise, what lame ass research about the frozen seas,
      it was brought up on this list or another long ago and frozen water
      was postulated by some dim wit, I forget who. Now comes this, Steve
      called it dead on, just cheap crappy science to fill in the deadness
      of those who don't understand why they are numb. I keep experiencing
      the shock of the numbness for those who actually feel a hollow that
      something else should be there, something vast and penetrating,
      Grail Science, pulsing in culture and full of life. And I can
      experience the numbness the painful, 'whatever' numbness that it
      isn't there and it can't be found and they don't have a clue how to
      navigate their thoughts towards it. Grants and money to say any kind
      of human nonsense because Spiritual Science aka Miracle isn't really
      possible. Humans are so deeply in the hole that looking down is like
      looking up.

      Steve your description of Gurdjieff's drives, force, will and
      general condensed mithraric selfishness, condensed will and his
      dominating personality, is like having a sociopath with a heightened
      Ahrimanic shadow, so dense that it reverberates as an undertow in
      everyone around him...This sort of astrality, but with some etheric
      super driving patterning, his ability to dominate and force the soul
      into a kind of pre-Christ initiation pattern, was rich to

      I have looked forward to what you were going to bring on Kaspar
      Hauser...all I can savor is where your current soberness and clarity
      arises from. You do have your dips, but these several ringing posts
      were like fresh air, thanks.
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