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23950Re: Celebrating RS Death Day (Enneagram)

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  • ishtarmustdie
    Apr 5 6:30 PM
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      Tom, I have been meaning to get back to you about these comments

      "As for Gurdjieff, I wonder if you could shed some light on
      some "anthropoop" I overheard in AP circles, about G in relation to
      Steiner." I heard that one time Gurdjieff paid a visit to the
      Goetheanum, but when Steiner heard about it, he became livid, and
      actually had to be physically restrained from attacking G. The
      reason apparently was that RS did not want all the evil, nasty,
      egregore-type entities in G's "astral body entourage" to contaminate
      the pristine etheric spiritual atmosphere of the Goetheanum."

      Yes, I heard this too, and I do believe that David Eyes spoke about
      it in his short essay, "Gurdjieff and Steiner". I had an
      interesting discussion with David Eyes a few years ago about Steiner
      and Gurdjieff. In the Gospel of Matthew lectures, given in
      September of 1910, Steiner gives a certain attention to a form of
      clairvoyance beheld by the gypsies; he called it the clairvoyance of
      the turanians. Gurdjieff was such a one as these. Thus, he had a
      kind of crystal-ball form of clairvoyance, which was actually the
      ability to see the human aura. And this made him particularly able
      to see the human moral condition. He had the knack of seeing the
      flaws and weaknesses of those he was in touch with, and this made
      him very capable of creating programs for human development along
      the lines of what people needed in order to counter the defects that
      he saw in their characters. It became known as "chief feature",
      which requires one to go against the grain of their strong suit, and
      purposely cultivate their opposite, or what is most weak in one's
      nature. And he was a genius for doing such a thing.

      The reason is that this method constitutes a recapitulation of the
      old forms of initiation science wherein the corollary was enforced
      in order to keep arrogance and pride in check. Emphasizing chief
      feature had this in mind; and it worked to an extraordinarily
      effective degree. Whether Gurdjieff ever actually knocked at the
      door of the Goetheanum is unknown to me. But, considering that very
      fine etheric forms and beings, including Theodor Feiss were
      contained therein, and that Gurdjieff had this form of what could be
      called "cheap clairvoyance", it is quite possible that his
      admittance would be considered an offense to the environment; being
      of the astral body kind, he would only have beheld something that
      would have given him the pause of a new vantage point. And that
      point concerns the astral-etheric connection needed for modern
      initiaiton science to be fully successful. This fact is knowable.

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