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  • jmnguyen
    Apr 2, 2006
      I wasn't expecting you to actually get what you were referring to... Congratulations anyway!
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      > Pete wrote:
      > It's the SMUG...
      > Pete
      > You mean "smugness"?
      > Wow --- I wasn't expecting you to make a full confession so quickly!
      > Congratulations!

      I wasn't expecting you to actually get what I was referring to.  And I
      wasn't disappointed.


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      >   Dear List,
      >   Damn! Am I gullible!...
      >   Since Frank likes joking --- I thought he was kidding! --- when he
      >   "Well, lookeee what just floated in on the tide: the flotsam and
      jetsam of the WC - both ladies and gents toilets must have overflowed."
      >   *Intellectual dummies* are so commonplace that I wasn't paying
      much attention to recent posts spread with elaborate bullshit...
      >   But suddenly, there's an awful stink in here!
      >   Jean-Marc
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      >     Subject: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] The Origins of Eurythmy
      >     The Origins of Eurythmy - A Bedtime Story,
      >     Once upon a time, Rudy decided to take a break from his busy lecture
      >     circuit schedule and attend a somewhat bawdy show in Berlin.
      What he
      >     saw there amazed him and stimulated him considerably, if you
      know what
      >     I mean.  On the stage were scantily clad young ladies dancing what
      >     Rudy immediately imagined must be the dances of the Negro
      savages.  It
      >     was, after all, the Roaring 20's and many like-like dances had
      >     modern culture.  As he watched the dancers gyrating to the powerful
      >     rhythms, Rudy was reflecting on the hardening of the spirit, how
      >     races experienced a hardening earlier in their development, while
      >     others, the white race in particular, was only now getting
      rigid.  The
      >     pulsating rhythms and the gyrating dancers reminded Rudy of how easy
      >     it was for the lower races to solidify - especially since they
      >     participated in dances like these regularly.  As spiritually evolved
      >     as Rudy was, he could not deny that, indeed, he himself was
      >     He realized at that moment that the hardening he was
      experiencing was
      >     related to the dance he was witnessing.  The more wildly the
      >     clad savages were dancing, the more Rudy could feel his spirit-man
      >     hardening.  He realized he would have to devote some time and effort
      >     into working with his spirit-man to hopefully overcome his blood.
      >     When Rudy returned home, his lovely wife Marie was there to
      greet him
      >     at the door with his favorite cocktail of orange juice and
      >     shaken, not stirred.  Instead of taking the drink, he grabbed Marie
      >     around the waist and moved her into the middle of the floor.  Marie
      >     had never seen this particular gleam in his eyes. OK, maybe once
      >     he was reading Oswald Spengler's "The Decline of the West".  Still,
      >     Marie didn't know what to do, and wished he had downed his
      cocktail as
      >     he usually did.  Instead, Rudy left her in the middle of the
      room, and
      >     took a seat in his favorite overstuffed chair.  Then, he leaned over
      >     and whispered words that were completely uncharacteristic for
      >     him."Dance for me Baby."
      >     Now, Marie didn't know what to do.  She was not accustomed to
      >     for her man, so rather nervously, she started gliding along the
      >     She was noticing a part of Rudy she had never seen.  Yet, the prim
      >     and proper Marie couldn't bring herself to dance like a savage.
      >     Certainly Rudy wouldn't want her in *that* way.  As she danced, she
      >     moved neither lower or upper torso.  She was careful not to lift her
      >     feet or twirl around.  She just glided along in the most
      >     way she could think of - always facing forward since she didn't want
      >     to turn her back on her husband whose intentions she could only
      guess at.
      >     Rudy, realizing that this was not exactly the type of dance he was
      >     expecting began shouting "Work it Baby, work it."  Poor Marie didn't
      >     know what else to do - so she started moving her arms wildly.
      >     out, over her head, straight down.  Rudy heard her making sounds
      >     "Oooo, Eeeee, Ahhhh, Oh. OH. OHHHH.  But Rudy still wasn't
      feeling the
      >     hardening of his spirit-man.  In fact, as he watched Marie
      dance, all
      >     he could think about was "When will this be over".  It was as if
      >     had inadvertently discovered a replacement for his salt-peter
      >     cocktail.  More precisely, she had discovered something to
      prevent the
      >     hardening of man.  This is, of course, something Rudy wanted to
      >     preserve for the white race - and European man in particular, so he
      >     and Marie decided to name her new dance - EURYTHMY.  And 81 years
      >     later, this dance is still being used to insure the flaccidity
      of man.
      >     and people everywhere who witness this dance are as unmoved by it as
      >     Rudy was, often overheard whispering to each other "When will
      this be
      >     over".
      >     In later years, Rudy never again found stimulation for his
      >     (he started calling it "spear-it-man"), and regular performances of
      >     eurythmy made sure he wasn't without adequate means to suppress his
      >     urges, yet he often reminisced about the experience at the bawdy
      >     He longed for the burst of clairvoyance he had at that moment
      when he
      >     was able to fully appreciate the benefits of the hardening of man
      >     through his blood.  He formulated in his mind a plan that he hoped
      >     would benefit all of Europe.  On several occasions, he was overheard
      >     muttering the following statement: "I am convinced that if we
      get yet
      >     another set of Negro novels and give them to pregnant women to read,
      >     then Negroes do not have to come to Europe to conceive mulattos;
      >     by reading Negro novels, half-blood children will be born in
      >     Many people interpret this as Rudy hoping that this plan might put
      >     him in contact with mulattos in Europe and that this might
      rekindle in
      >     him the hardening he could never again achieve otherwise.
      >     After Rudy's death, Marie continued to spread her Eurythmy all
      >     Europe, with the exception of France (it seems France had imported
      >     better sources of entertainment) and was successful in
      >     ensuring that Europe is the most sexually repressed continent on the
      >     planet.
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