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23767Re: Celebrating RS Death Day (Enneagram)

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  • ishtarmustdie
    Apr 2, 2006
      "The great achievement of the 4th Way system, given from the outset
      by Ouspensky, who said the system was important because it wasn't
      his, consists of the integrality of the Law of Three with the Law of
      Seven. It is imperative to give note to this important interaction;
      that we must take account of the working of the Law of Three, which
      has been born out of the Law of Seven. In actuality, Aristotle
      discovered the working presence of the Law of Three over 2300 years
      ago. He discovered that nature bears three reflective spheres of
      activity; the mineral, plant, and animal kingdoms. As such, they
      reflect and coincide exactly with the Higher Worlds, known as Upper
      Devachan, Lower Devachan, and the Astral Plane. Based on this
      discovery, Aristotle, after spending 20 years in Plato's Academy,
      and then instructing the young Alexander the Great for eight years,
      started a school designed to address the facts and significance of
      the Law of Three seen existing in nature. The first step taken in
      this school, The Peripatetic, was to gain a disciplined hold on the
      fundamentals of deductive reasoning, the first form of reasoning to
      be developed by the great initiates of Greek philosophy. Thus, the
      first expression of the Law of Three took the form of what is known
      as the 'Logical Syllogism', comprised of: Major Premise, Minor
      Premise, Conclusion. After this disciplined thinking was
      sufficiently developed the student graduated into the inner circle;
      the secondary school where the Laws and Beings of Nature were
      taught. And their correspondence to the Higher Worlds.
      Ouspensky gives extraordinary emphasis to the importance of the
      Law of Three throughout the 4th Way discourse. And when he begins to
      refer to the formation and importance of the Lateral Octave of La-
      Sol-Fa, and its relationship to the sensitive film that surrounds
      the earth, i.e., organic life on earth, then we have a very great
      advancement from the work of Aristotle. Why? Because Aristotle could
      never have discovered this himself. The Fourth Way describes this
      most significant fact; the fact of the path of the descending
      octave, and the La-Sol-Fa extraction."
      ---From "Quaternium Organum" by Stephen Hale

      I have a diagram somewhere that reflects the idea of a divine
      symbolic trinity wherein the circle, the triangle, and the square
      are perfectly intact. And this constitutes the original plan of
      earth evolution; the one described in Steiner's "Outline of Occult
      Science" involving the careful weaving and looming activities of the
      Hierarchies in the three spheres of Cosmic Embryology [Saturn-Sun-
      Moon]. But this was all changed, and the original physical,
      etheric, and astral body prototypes were made coarser and denser
      than originally intended in order for the Ego, the fourth member of
      man's being, to be developed on earth from the beginning, and not
      the end, as the basis of human freedom.

      So, the secret to the Enneagram is that it is a reflection of
      repeated earth lives in the form of the deconstruction of the square
      in the middle, surrounded by an intact triangle (Soul), and further
      surrounded by an intact circle (Spirit). Thus, the Enneagram bears
      the knowledge of the revised plan of earth evolution involving
      repeated earth lives due to the densifying and complexifying nature
      of the human being that must now evolve in a physical world whose
      source comes from the Moon. The mineral kingdom passed over from
      the Moon to the Earth 50,000 years ago, and this is when the concept
      of repeated earth lives also commenced.

      The Moon, in turn, now bears the original diaphenous etheric
      constitution that still echoes in the Garden of Eden story. But on
      the Moon, this fine etheric substance becomes of the nature of its
      total opposite, and so the moon is now a super-hardened
      counterweight to the earth, while the earth bears the wisdom of the
      three nature kingdoms, with the mineral kingdom coming forth through
      Jehova's work on the Moon. Man can only be free by evolving in a
      mineralized world where his destiny cannot be found and cannot be
      influential. And only through thinking does mankind knock at the
      door of his true destiny; the destiny of complete and individualized
      freedom in eternity.


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      > Steve Hale wrote:
      > >
      > > It is very interesting that you complete your thought with this
      > > reference to the enneagram. I wonder how many people have
      > considered
      > > that the dodecahedron and the enneagram represent the two great
      > mystic
      > > symbols of the 20th century. The former refers to the model of
      > as
      > > universal human, and latter to the concept of self-remembering.
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