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23759Re: Celebrating Rudolf Steiner's Death Day

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  • tmasthenes13
    Apr 1, 2006
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      Mike Helser wrote:

      > If RS was right, and sex and Love are indeed mutually exclusive,
      > maybe that's why he left us a corps to feed on. My X Buddhist
      > were always be meditating of death and rotting corpses to quell
      > sexual desires. Perhaps if we weren't all buzzing and crawling
      > this corps, we'd all be out sport-fucking like crazey..:-O
      > fascinating!

      Yo Mike!

      Thanks for appreciating my metaphors. I always loved the upgrade that
      Marshall McLuhan gave to the statement made 2 centuries ago by the
      great Limey poet Robert Browning:

      "Man's reach must exceed his grasp, or else, what's a heaven for?"

      Mercurial oracle Marshy Mac Luhan changed that to:

      "Man's reach must exceed his grasp, or else what's a metaphor?"

      Nyuk! Nyuk! Nyuk!

      Anyway, I must first give you a short lesson in speaking the dialect
      of Classical Anthroposophese. You expressed yourself in the rather
      coarse vernacular, using the term "sport-fucking."

      The f-word in Classical Anthroposophese is not 4 letters, but 8, to
      wit: "fructify." So, in future anthro-social gatherings, be they 3-
      fold or not, or whether here online or in an actual study group, you
      might try impressing your comrades by saying: "sport-fructification"
      or "sport-fructifying" or even the most formal expression of
      all: "undergoing a process, as it were, of sport-fructification."

      I am fascinated, in a very Spock-like way (and I could be subtly
      referring here to Benjy's sister Marjorie), with your correlation
      between meditating on corpses and quelling those rather insistent
      desires of a fructifactory nature. I assume you may be referring to
      the Hindu vow of "brahmacharya," which is not just sexual celibacy,
      but refraining from eating meat and other coarse sensual stuff. But
      all that seems to be such a "guy thing" and also pretty atavistic.

      But the truth is, I could actually more easily imagine my own
      parents "undergoing, as it were, a process of mutual fructifcation"
      than I ever could imagine Rudolf Steiner playing "hide the pickle"
      with any woman, be it Marie the Dour, or even Lovely Ita, Ita babe,
      (sing it: ". . . where would I be without you? Give us a wink and
      make me think of you. . . . Lovely Ita, Ita-babe!).

      (I was once exiled from a study group in Tennessee when an old S98
      post of mine surfaced where I had speculated on the idea that the
      real love of Rudy's life was not Marie, but Ita! Sigh! Ah, so much
      for neo-Platonic romanticism. )

      So here we have this unsettling, disquieting possibility that the
      entire corpus (not corpse now) of anthroposophy, the entire
      Gesamtausgabe, could have been founded on the repression of Rudolf
      Steiner's fructificatorial urges. But wait, there is a new sexual
      revolution going on and Rudolf Steiner may someday be canonized as
      the patron saint of this very "brahmacharyan" movement called
      ASEXUALITY. Check out this website for info

      After all, since the asexuals have a T-shirt now, then they have to
      be an official and bona fide social movement, right? Now check out
      their Yahoo group, which you can read without subscribing as you can
      with A_T

      As of today they have 589 members, as compared to 232 on A_T.

      Oh and their slogan on the T-shirt reads:


      But now back to repression. Years ago, in the heyday of Steiner98,
      the erudite techno-scholar William Irwin Thompson happened to fall
      down the rabbit hole of S98. I had accused him then of calling
      Steiner queer. While dusting himself off, Billy, aka, WIT, related
      to us that it was not he, but rather the New Age historian Rick
      Tarnas, who had actually made the remark that he thought Rudolf
      Steiner was a "repressed homosexual."

      Now, when the angels let me, I will pontificate on the spiritual-
      scientific principles of homosexuality. But they involve the rather
      complicated cross-pollination, as it were, (even cross-dressing? )
      No, better say, cross-weaving, as it were, of the male and female
      etheric-physical sheathes analogous to the way vision works through
      the optic chiasma. Interestingly enough, the phenomenon, as far as I
      can surmise --- with a straight face and a flaccid "lower larynx," as
      it were --- is neither genetic nor karmic in origin. However, if you
      would like to observe Goetheanistically, the phenomena of gayness and
      lesbianhood, do go out and see the movie Transamerica, where Felicity
      Huffman won the best Actress Oscar for portraying a pre-operative
      transsexual man becoming a woman.

      (For if you can catch such a person, before he, makes the,
      er, "final cut," as it were, then much may be clarified in the
      seer's (or is it sneer's?") inner spiritual perception of the inter-
      twining astral-etheric-physical mysteries of the male and female. I
      blush as I report this, but I must say, in all candor, that my
      Goetheanistic observations --- seeing in thinking and thinking in
      seeing --- of pre-op trannies, (known more colorfully as "chicks with
      dicks") were simultaneously the most titillating and penetrating
      clairsentient experiences of the entire course of my post-pubescent

      Anyway, this whole Transamerica phenomenon, so mainstream out here in
      the City of Angels, has inspired me to ask the most profound
      questions of spiritual science I have come up with to date:

      Does size matter in counterspace?

      But now, let's get back home to the A_T group here. Robert Sardello
      also fell down the S98 rabbit hole, and he gave us a fascinating
      discussion of the sexual forces inherent on the Internet, which he
      termed "cyber-dildonics." I agreed with him and pointed to the work
      of Marshall McLuhan, who wrote about how the medium itself gradually
      changes the content of the medium to express itself more honestly and
      genuinely. (For example, when the movie medium first started, its
      content was of live plays and opera; today, the content of movies is
      much more determined by the actual medium of movies itself.)

      So, given that we appear to each other here only through e-mail
      messages, sans physical body contact, sans voice contact, sans
      images; and, given that the essence/energy of this electronic medium
      is of the fallen light and sound ethers, well, that's a lot of
      filtering out.

      What does come across very well is the ego and astral bodies; what is
      filtered out the most is the physical body and to a large extent the
      etheric. But, relatively speaking, I have noticed that over time,
      when we get to know each other through repeated conversations, our
      etheric bodies, which carry memory and habit, become strengthened.

      The result is that we tune into each other more on an etheric level
      than on a physical one. So you know what that means. It means that we
      physical guys exhibit on this list our female etheric side, while the
      physical ladies on this list, exhibit their more masculine etheric

      I mean, look at the discussions that go on here. By and large, the
      issues that excite the guys, are all expressed in a very measured
      criss-crossing back and forth cyber-motion that always reminds me of
      a bunch of old ladies sitting around together gossiping at a church
      quilting bee. Notice how carefully the guys weave the patches and
      guide the patchwork of etheric quilt of whatever subject is being
      discussed. This is especially apparent when the critics get involved.

      On the other side, when the ladies, those etheric hunks of macho men,
      swagger in with their formidable astral cockleberries showing through
      their etheric codpieces, all they have to do is say one word, and
      they cut through all the quilting bullshit and send the giddy old
      ladies into a near hysterical tizzy.

      Finally, to get back to Buffalo Bob Sardello's idea of dildonics, my
      other picture of this A_T group is that of a cyber bordello, where
      Tarjei is the owner and Frank is the Madam. We physical guys are the
      etheric "girls of the evening" as it were, and the physical ladies
      are the etheric male clients, or "Johns" (Johannesses?) Most of the
      entertainment consists of us etheric girlie-men doing striptease on
      center stage. I myself am of the conservative old school, using the
      fans like Sally Rand used to do. And occasionally I do swing around
      that new-fangled pole.

      Now this latter metaphor is for Joel's benefit. Joel, I must tell
      you, you do have a nice pair of etheric hooters; you even have a
      nicely shaped etheric ass, and you have done so much admirable work
      in PoF and epistemology that the average John, or, Johannes, would
      select you over so many others in the "stable." I mean, you really
      know how to swing around that pole and get those dollar bills stuffed
      into your Native American motif G-strings, etc., butÂ… butÂ… you are
      violating a certain decorum of the bordello and I do believe you will
      improve your attitude once I tell you about this. So consider this an
      intervention of sorts, a kind of Texas 2-step around the pole.

      Joel, if you would just come up on stage and do your striptease
      routine like every other girlie-man here, everything would be fine.
      But instead, you have the chutzpah, I guess it's some kind of
      entitlement issue, where you come on stage and you take the bloody
      dildo-lance of Amfortas and start immediately thrusting it into your
      lower etheric sheath, and as if that weren't gross enough public
      behavior, you actually feel entitled to payment from the customers,
      for forcing them to watch your your vaunted spiritual experience of
      the last third of a century.

      Why even, Martha, with her New Mexican 10 gallon hat jauntily cocked,
      as it were, told you in direct terms to stop with your autobiography
      already. Listen to her, already! (Doesn't Martha remind you a lot of
      Gary Cooper in High Noon? "Do not forsake me oh, my darling!...)

      In other words, Joel, do come on stage and give us a nice striptease
      about your experience, but please don't use your experience as a
      dildo to pleasure yourself and expect not to be thrown out of the

      OK, Mike, I'll end here. This should be more than enough to spark
      discussion around the pole,or is it more patches for the quilting
      bee? (As it were. )

      Thomasina in the etheric
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