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23751Re: Celebrating RS Death Day (Enneagram)

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  • tmasthenes13
    Apr 1, 2006
      Steve Hale wrote:
      > It is very interesting that you complete your thought with this
      > reference to the enneagram. I wonder how many people have
      > that the dodecahedron and the enneagram represent the two great
      > symbols of the 20th century. The former refers to the model of man
      > universal human, and latter to the concept of self-remembering. I
      am a
      > five in this life, which means I was a seven in my last, and
      > to be an eight in my next. This model was built when Michael
      > forth the folk soul of the Russian people 1500 years in advance of
      > Philadelphia. And this occurred in May of 1915, right about the
      > that Gurdjieff sat down with Ouspensky at a cafe in Moscow. He was
      > Pythagoras in a former life, but I suspect you might know that;
      > initiated directly by Zarathos, Gurdjieff would have remembrances
      > being related to Zarathustra throughout his great and painstaking
      > work, "Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson".
      > His task was to offload to an intellectual, thus his need for
      > In short, Steiner brought the astral stream of old to meet the
      > stream of old in the form of the Russian folk soul's calling from
      > Michael. And when someone can put these two together, then you
      > something.


      Great stuff about the enneagram, especially about the polarity
      between the dodecahedron and the enneagram, the 12 and the 9, but
      actually it's the 3 x 3 as well as the Law of Seven. Also, the 12ness
      represents Space and the Nine-ness seems to represent Time, perhaps
      redeeming Kant's a priori categories for us all.

      I like David Eyes article here:

      Myself being a 9, and having just passed through Steiner's 9 by 9 =
      81st death day, I can see my obsession with all things hierarchical.

      It may be difficult for some here to realize that I live out the 9
      characteristic of being a peacemaker or mediator. The problem is that
      the core issue of anger for the 8, the 9 and the 1 is anything but

      I have found the enneagram to be the best way of learning how to
      judge people --- insofar as it allows us to "take the beam out of our
      own eyes" so that we can learn how to judge our brothers and sisters

      As for Gurdjieff, I wonder if you could shed some light on
      some "anthropoop" I overheard in AP circles, about G in relation to

      I heard that one time Gurdjieff paid a visit to the Goetheanum, but
      when Steiner heard about it, he became livid, and actually had to be
      physically restrained from attacking G. The reason apparently was
      that RS did not want all the evil, nasty, egregore-type entities in
      G's "astral body entourage" to contaminate the pristine etheric
      spiritual atmosphere of the Goetheanum.

      (Usually there's some grain of truth in anthropoop, you
      know, "There's got to be a pony around here somewhere.")

      In mentioning reincarnating and the 9-gram, you give a sequence for
      yourself of 7-5-8, which is the reverse order of the decimal digit
      expansion of the repeating fraction 6/7 = .857142.......

      However, the 7 aspect of the 9-gram does not include the Trinity of
      digits: 3,6,9.

      So, if I am a 9 in this life, what, pray tell, is my past life number
      and what will be my next one? (I hope I'm not destined to keep
      chasing my bushy Buddha tail around the 3-6-9 trianglular "wheel of
      karma" (Wankel Engine of Destiny???) now, am I?)

      Thank you for your hierarchical help. We could all use lessons in
      self-remembering as we fondle our respective dodecahedrons..

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