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  • dottie zold
    Jan 9, 2006
      Okay Dan, I want to dream with you. I want to swim in the ocean with
      you. I want to experience it like you do. I want to open up to that
      way of doing something; letting the words disappear. I do this in my
      own study but not with anyone else.

      Can we start at who Christ is? And where His beginnings are? What do
      you think about that? And where does Sophia fit into this all with
      this Christ? :) d

      > Hello,
      > I thought there was a little pause regarding your subjects, and
      > I come back I saw a multitude of questions and interesting thoughts.
      > And of course, the "questions to universe".
      > Very interesting answers and thoughts.
      > But, to be true, it seems very difficult for me to follow a path of
      > these thoughts. And for me was the feeling exactly the same when
      > Rudolf Steiner said the expression :" the head in an anthill"...
      > We were at Sophia - as indeed - as Cosmical Being, we were at
      > Magdalene, Watchers, Raphael, Michael and Gabriel, and also at
      > Nathanean child. It's a cosmic vue of the situation.
      > But the ideas flee away.
      > I think there is no code encoded.
      > And for me the truth was revealed only when your selfless point of
      > will be the same as the selfless true of the Spiritual Realm.
      > With no hard feelings on anybody,:-))
      > Best regards, Dan
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