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21896Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] The Twelve Days of Christmas

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  • Frank Smith
    Jan 6, 2006
      --- isenhart7 <isenhart7@...> wrote:

      > The "Twelve Days of Christmas" became very popular
      > as a game song-
      > usually played at a large gathering of children and
      > adults on the
      > Tweflth Day night, just before the eating of mince
      > pie. With the
      > company seated all around the room, the leader of
      > the game began by
      > singing the first day lines, which were then
      > repeated by each of the
      > company in turn. Then the first day lines were
      > repeated with the
      > addition of the second day lines by the leader, and
      > this was repeated
      > all in turn. This continued until all the lines of
      > the twelve days
      > were repeated by everyone. If anyone missed a line,
      > they would have
      > to forfeit something of theirs to the group."

      If anyone's interested, "The 12 Days of Chrsitmas" is
      an excellent song for children learning English as a
      foreign language, (from 3rd grade on)with its
      repititions for the stimulation of memory. It sounds
      like nonsense in a way, but they love it and easily
      memorize it.


      Frank Thomas Smith

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