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21284Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Re: Heralding seven Raphael sheaths

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  • dottie zold
    Dec 2, 2005
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      > X to Stephen:
      > > I think he would rock and roll the earth. Being
      > the Herald of the
      > > cause of spiritual science
      > itself..Hmmmmnn..Remembering a quote
      > from
      > > Robert Powell wherin he says that "Next Novalis
      > incarnation" wil be
      > an
      > > incarnation wherin he will step by step realise
      > his full potential.
      > > And with this step by step realisation he triggers
      > the awaking of
      > the Anthroposophical Society.

      Hey X,

      I think, I think that sometimes an error can ocurr if
      one forgets to bring the Sophia in the story. Not that
      you have, I am just noting that everyone is stuck on
      it being Novalis' incarnation but it seems to me that
      the full potention will be the Androgynous being way
      of living life. The two united as one.

      Looking at the Zarathustra being I think we can take
      in Mr. Prokofieff's words about, or maybe they were
      Bock's I can not recall at this second, that this
      lineage of Zarathustra was the perfect body of the
      lineage of the Jews. Now, this perfect body was given
      up for that of Jesus. Now, isn't that interesting. I
      mean here the Jews work so hard to create this perfect
      circumstance and then Zarathustra gives it up. Do you
      remember reading this in the Novalis book?

      So, I am thinking that when the Twins unite, I mean I
      can only think of it on those terms, unless one wants
      to say that this happens to the Mary and Novalis
      seperately, and they each have their own path and then
      there is no final reunion of Adam and Eve as before
      the split from a birthly incarnational level. Follow
      me? I mean can it be they follow two distinct paths
      and are each led to rise to the other within and then
      this is the birth of the opposites in a way?

      And a funny thing I saw a while back and it was a
      picture of Jesus on the coffin with a man inside, and
      he grabbed the hand of the Magdalene and the hand of
      John the Baptist and lifted them up. Now, I thought
      the man was Lazarus in the coffin and that we had the
      raising of the Magdalene being shown as well with John
      in the Consciousness Soul, which in truth is actually
      an ocurrence none the less, however it led me to
      Adam/Eve being in that grave. Something about
      Zarathustra and, well I can't hold it and I have to
      see if I can find the inspiration for it again.

      I mean Zarathustra is the Gold Star, the Princess

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