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  • dottie zold
    Dec 1, 2005
      > Just consider your Rabbi; what does he believe? He
      > prides himself
      > in saying you are from the Noah line. And loves the
      > fact that you
      > relate to the Shekinah.

      My Rabbi is an amazing scholar and I love him very
      much. I help him with his Christian brothers and
      sisters and he helps me with my Jewish brothers and

      I have to say Stephen, and I say it because I must,
      you just have all these opinions on others and they
      are very subjective. Where is the objectivity that is
      the bedrock of spiritual science? We can't just go
      spouting things like this off about others, and about
      the CC buring the church and so forth without an
      objective basis. It really doesn't serve anything at
      all. What we don't konw about others, in the realm of
      truth or not we should not say. Because if we are
      saying things that are not true we are not only adding
      onto our own falsehoods but also unto theirs. And that
      serves absolute nothing and if anything helps to keep
      us in the dark regarding other things the spiritual
      world would like to share. You know, Frank called me
      on a thing a year or so ago. And I never forgot it and
      it is about gossiping. Now I don't really gossip about
      others but sometimes when people are dead we think we
      can say things because they are not here. But truth is
      Stephen, they are here. And if anyone has made
      mistakes we can trust they will be coming back to
      course correct them. Right? And they will need all the
      help they can get from our positiveness towards their
      ability to see the good and do the good.

      My Rabbi doesn't have a pride saying about me being a
      Noahite, rather he has been noticing the path of my
      studies. I had just had a dream where I was told I was
      a something ....ite and when I awoke to my physical
      existance I couldn't remember what kinda ...ite I was.
      And I then looked through the bible and saw there were
      many different ...ites but Sodomite was the only one
      that I knew of. So when my Rabbi says 'it seems Dottie
      you come from the Noahite line, I took that to heart
      and let it sit with me. Now reading about Melchizdek
      and Zarathustra and all I get a better picture of how
      I find myself in the spiritual lineage/strivings I am
      in. And really, I need no further to look from the
      fact that ArchAngel Raphael works to being the
      esoteric out into the light because I have said since
      alomst the beginning I do this because I want to share
      this with my Christian brothers and sisters, I want to
      show them the way through the Bible and the Old Books
      where they can find the truth in the words and then
      they can contemplate these things inside.

      As for the Shekinah, and Anthroposophia and Bat Kol
      this is an inside job. The Shekinah is in the OT and
      when I found reference to her I realized I had found
      the beginnings of Sophia, and then I found Kwan Yin
      and I can trace these up to the Magdalene.

      So, he doesn't have any pride in that. He is a great
      learning resource to me of the OT. You can not know of
      the greatness if you do not know your roots. That's
      what I think. THat's generic and not speaking to you
      as in you.

      But does he believe in
      > Christ?

      Sure he does. He just doesn't believe he has come
      already. They will stand with us at the battle.

      But anyway, Stephen, what does this have to do with

      Does he
      > understand that the Messiah actually came to earth
      > in order to
      > satisfy Moses and the Prophets? No.

      So? Is that supposed to stop me from recognizing his
      teachings. He brought me the kaballah in a very
      practical manner, he helped to sow the seeds that you
      and many others refuse to look at regarding
      Anthroposophia. He has a great non judgement on things
      and people. His knowledge is for me astounding but for
      him it is just that he is a Jew and knows his

      > And what do you say to him? Do you tell him that
      > you are a student
      > of spiritual science, and that Rudolf Steiner was a
      > modern prophet
      > that made the Christ Event understandable to modern
      > man?

      Of course I do. He knows all about my studies. I tell
      him that I think Rudolf Steiner was the greatest Jew
      that ever lived. That's what I tell him. I tell him
      Waldorf Schools are very very similar to the Hebrew
      schools in all ways. When I was at the Jewish camp for
      children this summer they did some things that Waldorf
      opponents would be in shock to see happens in a school
      room. This Rabbi, his father, took the body, without
      the feathers and all, and blew into its mouth to show
      us how the lungs and the rest of the body is affected
      by the breath. And then a young boy asked if he could
      and we all just looked on in shock.

      I think if you are so desiring an initiatic type
      school you should join the Hebrew men in the
      Synogogues. I mean it is just incredible. They are
      studying Sophia in there, these are ancient methods
      that I believe can awake within us that which we are
      striving for here. They may have missed that the
      Christ has come but that doesn't mean we can not still
      learn from their great heritage.

      > You are gifted Dottie, and therefore your task is to
      > make the Rabbi
      > take you into account. I don't get the sense that
      > he believes you,
      > but likes the sense he gets; which involves the OT
      > ideas.

      It's really wierd to see you say this 'gifted' thing
      three times now. I am wondernig what it was that you
      saw in my posts that led you to think this? What has
      changed? What did you see? It's funny because I am so
      used to being pummelled that it is a wierd thing to
      see 'gifted'. I work hard Stephen. I work really
      really hard. Last night I slept from 7 pm till just
      now, my regular waking time, 4:30 or so. I don't stop.
      I think I just recieve Rudolf Steiner's gifts and I
      run with them. I do what our teacher asks us and I use
      his students to help me to get to what I think he was
      here to help us get.

      And truth be told Stephen, he doesn't have to believe
      me. I don't require that of him. I ask just that my
      heart meet his. That's all I ask of my self. And his
      heart meets mine. And in this space is magic. One of
      the greatest points was when he said that each
      generation of Jews have their Messiah. And he said
      that because he has a favorite Rabbi, Frank knows his
      name, and said he was coming back soon. And I said
      'well is he the Messiah as in THE Messiah and he kinda
      hemmed and hawed a bit for me with that great big
      Santa Claus smile, he's a very mischevious Rabbi, I
      think the best of them must be, and then said 'well
      every generation has its Rabbi.' And so I asked 'well
      could it have been that Jesus was his generations?'
      And he said either 'no' and he also said 'good
      question dottie'. Whenever I get a 'good question
      Dottie' I know that our hearts have touched. I beam
      like a little kid and he ponders like the great lover
      of God that he is.

      > Make him believe, and take account of the Christ
      > that Rudolf Steiner
      > has given to us. I sense that maybe you have, but
      > his ego won't
      > even consider it.

      Nobody can make anybody believe anything Stephen, nor
      is it my way, my way is to show it and then others can
      make a decision. He doesn't seem to have a great ego
      as in egotistical. He has a great learning ego. He has
      been touched by Christ through me and I am sure
      through others.

      But an interesting thing I just thought of is the way
      that the Jews believe that when they are working on
      cocreation, as in the intimate sense:) they keep their
      minds on God. Isn't that great. I've been telling all
      my girlfriends who are working on having children:
      keep it on God in that moment:) It is really funny but
      it is really true. But my point is that they keep
      wanting to have those spirits who hearken specifically
      unto the Jewish way of 'the Messiah has not come'. I
      wonder what that means for them as a race? If the
      spirits that are likened unto the Jews specifically
      and hold true that the Messiah hasn't come keep
      incarnating into their lineage what does that mean?
      And really, is it even a possibility that they have
      not been touched by Christ in the etheric when they
      pass from this world?

      I think they are touched by Christ when they pass
      through. Well, an artist I just hosted here a few
      months back has pictures of 9 Jewish relatives who
      died in the Holocaust. And she said they had each
      visited her in a dream one night and that her
      paintings were the depictions of their spirits. Well,
      there were many that had this Christian overtone to
      it. A Fish, A Rose, An Egyptian Head of Osiris/Horus
      and other things as well. And so I guess they do
      possibly meet Him, I just don't know for sure.

      Stephen, anyone who interacts with me in my physical
      world meets Christ through me. There is really no way
      not to. I bring Him everywhere.

      For the Jews it's a more direct
      > path of "the
      > chosen", and history has proven that this must end
      > in order for the
      > path to proceed. (I've erased this line so as to
      not repeat it but respond to it below)

      You are a really interesting cat Stephen. If I didn't
      love you I would wonder about that statement about
      Hitler. I mean for me, and really I mean no disrespect
      on this, and maybe you should not read further as it
      may hurt your feelings although it is not my intent.
      This can be seen as a really antisemetic point.
      Reminding a Rabbi what Hitler was saying. That's
      pretty despicable actually. I get what you are wanting
      to say but to say it in such form would not be the
      truth as I know it to be. And the tragedy of that
      moment can be on par with the tragedy of the Son of
      Man. Just imagine the Angels, imagine the angels

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