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  • dottie zold
    Nov 2 6:28 AM
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      Hey Frank,

      the 1616 date is actually Shakespeare's death that I
      attributed to Lord Bacon. And, yes, you are right that
      she was 8 years older. I think the 28 came from the
      date they were married which was the 28th of November.

      Well I have to say, I had never heard that Shakespeare
      and Bacon were one until I had found that Bacon was
      involved with the King James version of the bible. And
      I don't know if I read it first or intuited it first.
      I am wont to believe that I intuited it first and then
      went and looked for the goods. That is the same way
      that the Magdalene appeared in my search of the Sophia
      mystery which I didn't know even existed.

      Anyhow, I feel a bit tender inside and as I tend to go
      in head first and with all fours I think I shall just
      contemplate these things from afar. I find myself not
      ready for a new mystery that has such angst around it
      as the Magdalene did. I mean to knowingly go into
      something where everyone already has difinitive views
      and where insult punches get thrown left and right
      seem not to be my cup of tea today.

      I've done a lot of research on those two men and
      inwardly they suggest one being although Dr. STeiner
      did say that one being worked through the three of
      them specifically, so that could be it. And I guess
      we can know that this Being was of the Sophian nature
      or so it appears to me. I've said it before and I
      shall say it again, there is no way those two men
      lived in such close quarters and did not know of one
      another and did not work together in some fashion. The
      works and words of both are intermingled and I can not
      put it down to 'that was the way they spoke in those
      days'. There seems to be a working relationship
      between the two of them if they are indeed two. I am
      of the mind at this point that they are indeed two but
      closely linked. I think that is what all the
      Rosecrucian imagery stands for in Bacons work: Twins.
      And that would put Bacon as the thinker(Aristotle) and
      Shakespeare as the feeler(Plato) although maybe with
      the two together as one we find the Anthroposophia
      working through her timeline. They both seemed to have
      harkened unto Sophia and yet they did so in very
      different yet the same outward manner.

      love, d

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