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20768Heralding seven Raphael sheaths

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  • adm_anthroposophia
    Nov 1, 2005
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      Guess this one is for Steve.

      I liked your intuition very much Steve. Maybe you can help me
      getting a complete overview.

      Heralding Spirit Man of Raphael - ...
      Heralding Life Spirit of Raphael - ...
      Heralding Spirit Self of Raphael - Elijah
      Heralding Ego of Raphael - John the Baptist
      Heralding Astral of Raphael - Raphael the painter
      Heralding Etheric of Raphael - Novalis
      Heralding Physical of Raphael - Next incarnation of Novalis

      As you see I left Life Spirit and Spirit Man unnamed. Steve, you
      suggested Life Spirit Nathan and Spirit Man Enoch. I like this idea
      but why do you think that. If I backwardly assign incarnations to
      the 7 sheaths of Raphael I have to name Phineas, since Steiner told
      me so. And before Phineas a Heavenly being (Adam Kadamon). I love to
      see Enoch in this list but I can not comprehend that suggestion. Can
      you help me?

      And maybe you can help me getting an idea of what it means to herald
      the physical body of Raphael. It's hard for me to have an
      imagination on that one. The Astral painted pictures of Sophia, The
      Etheric made Novalis come face to face with Sophia, what does the
      physical bring?

      Dottie ended yesterday a seven years search. The above would end a
      major chapter in mine. Thank you Steve for bearing with me on this

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