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20092Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Re: Sistine Madonna

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  • dottie zold
    Sep 25, 2005
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      Looking at Twins:

      Elijah and Elisha. Elisha watched as Elijah ascended.
      Now, in reverse we have John the Baptist watching as
      the Christ descends. I mean, what is that? The
      question asked of Jesus was if he was Elijah. Why
      would they ask that? Why is it that the Hebrews have
      an empty chair (a Kings chair) at all their

      The reason I bring this up is I am inspired again to
      look at how it is understood that John the Baptist, so
      related to Elijah according to biblical understandings
      and those of Dr. Steiner, was the first to see the
      Christ descend while it was the Magdalene who was the
      first to see the Christ on his ascension.

      And it is directly because of this new understanding
      brought to me by Mr. Prokofieff during the workshop,
      his words were that 'Dr. Steiner was not able to
      convey the full mystery of John the Baptist due to his
      death'. And he said that 'this mystery was the new
      Michael stream', untold by Dr. Steiner. The words I
      have written down are 'Dr. Steiner was not able to
      accomplish where he was headed about the mystery of
      John the Baptist. It was another Michael Stream, which
      would have been a new view from the earthly karma.

      My note then say, which I believe are my own thoughts
      : so here he is coming back and his group
      (anthroposophy) is picking up on the new stream of
      what he could not fufill.

      Prokofieff's question: 'Where is this new view coming
      from? It is coming from the School of Michael.'

      So, for me, I guess, I am thinking this is refering to
      the Being Anthroposophia and the New Isis
      understanding. And then I am brought to whom it was
      that saw the Christ descending and then ascending.


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