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20086Re: Sistine Madonna

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  • holderlin66
    Sep 25, 2005
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      Bradford, I do not see the skull. Where is this skull?


      In your other post on twins, have you thought about the 'twins' of
      the Mary's and the Josephs?

      Well Dottie, funny, there is the skull in plain view, who knew? I
      framed it for the viewer, cropped it, but in the actual picture you
      can see it in the shadowing of two, two, hollowed out eyes, that
      have always represented Death...the skull. That is the image and
      those two vacant hollow eyes...well they are the plaything of the
      risen one, the Skull and noted, the Skull is what Golgotha means,
      Gol/Skull=Gol-Kul, the place of the skull or Golgotha.

      And there it is those two hollowed eyes, larger than life under her
      feet. Like the dragon under the feet. Death is conquered.

      Well Dottie, as you can well see, I do more than my fair share of
      thinking, and I didn't forget your approach to the twins, I just
      happen to come around at it from a different direction this time.

      Now you have an excellent research opportunity, because there it is,
      Mary's and sisters and twins and numerous related field riddles that
      really fulfill the mythic predictions but in a vaster sort of twin
      subtle system... Go at it, make us proud, show the intimate
      connections of those assorted other sister twins...I think its
      there. Go get em'.
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