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20085Re: Sistine Madonna

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  • dottie zold
    Sep 25, 2005
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      > http://www.wga.hu/frames-e.html?/html/r/raphael/5roma/2/03sisti.html
      > I have focused on file a cropped image that is below the feet of
      > You will notice if you go to Bradford's pictures in the file
      > of PICTURES that indeed Mary is standing on the Skull, that there
      > the skull of Golgotha, which is called the place of the Skull,
      > the feet of Mary.

      Bradford, I do not see the skull. I see the men all around the
      curtains that I hadn't noticed at first, looking for me and Harvey:)
      but no skull. And, I have to say Bradford, there is only one person
      connected to the skull and that would have to be the Magdalene. I
      mean that is her imagery along with the cup. Where is this skull?

      But a further thought on this maginficant painting is that the angels
      are indeed looking to the woman on the right who appears to be from
      the physical or at least one whom the angels know is going to bear
      this. And she appears to be totally okay with it and looks to the
      angels as if to say 'it's all good little darlings, its all good.'
      And, yes, they do appear to be resigned to what is about to happen.


      In your other post on twins, have you thought about the 'twins' of
      the Mary's and the Josephs?

      > And of course the unborn souls of humanity, sixteenth from the left
      > see there Frank, and just below that I think I spotted, the little
      > dumpling of unborn Harvey and Dottie...and is that? Is that
      > in the right..ya...little unborn waitin for the GO Word. Ya Michael
      > School students all sayin, Hey, you go down there First, no, you
      > first, no you...
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