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20081Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Sistine Madonna

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  • dottie zold
    Sep 25, 2005
      Ooooh on second look, the one on the right looks like
      he is about to cry or is very sad or resigned maybe to
      what is about to happen. And it seems to be that they
      are either looking at something I can not see, if
      there is more to this picture, or they are looking at
      the woman on the right. Either way, a sadness comes
      over me when contemplating their looks. Like 'oh boy,
      here we go'.


      > Frank:
      > > Personally I like the two little angels at the
      > > bottom, who seem to be
      > > thnking: So what's the big deal?
      > > Frak
      > Yeah, I'm gonna have to check out those two. I think
      > maybe I need to see the whole picture:) is this it
      > or
      > is there something below them....oh, maybe that is
      > it,
      > they are below, in the earthly realm versus where
      > the
      > Christ and Sophia were descending from...or
      > something...but yeah, I think most of the world sees
      > those two in the way you do. I've seen them with
      > cigars and mustaches and so forth...they've been
      > pretty funny.
      > d
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