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19997Re: Sistine Madonna link

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  • dottie zold
    Sep 21, 2005
      Oooops, the link is:



      > I just realized what I was experiencing while looking at the
      > Dr. Steiner says is the utmost of Raphael's work: This is a
      > prepicture of Sophia. This is not the virgin in as physical virgin.
      > This is a representation of the Sophia.
      > My experience of this moment is that she is being asked to give
      > up to the earth. She is in the clouds. The man on the left is
      > her what she has to do in a way, or maybe that 'they are waiting'
      > the woman on the right, :) is looking below noting what is about to
      > happen, while the Mother looks like 'oh boy, do you realize the
      > weight of this moment' do you realize how hard it is that awaits
      > him'. She has the eyes of Michaels forebearance. And the boy is
      > as in her thoughts: the seriousness of the situation does not
      > them. This can be a gutwrenching picture if one goes into the
      > that the decision was made that one of them would come down in the
      > manner Christ did.
      > And, I was wrong about the 'veil' picture as being something that
      > attached to his head, it is actually a veil she lifts up from a
      > fabric. Same idea but not the way I expressed it.
      > And another picture, if you check out Rafaels other work on that
      > page, is that the marriage of Mary and Joseph, has seven women, one
      > on the mens side. And the men have the curious sticks that John the
      > Baptist is usually shown with.
      > Best,
      > Dottie
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