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1928Sistine Madonna

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  • golden3000997@cs.com
    Feb 13, 2004
      In a message dated 2/13/2004 9:10:17 AM Eastern Standard Time,
      Diana.Winters@... writes:

      > It was mid-way through the second school year that I noticed the Sistine
      > Madonna.
      > What, am I blind? No. It was a small postcard, 4x6 index card size,
      > thumbtacked seemingly carelessly to a bulletin board, at the kids' eye
      > (not mine, in other words).

      Hi Diana,

      It's getting late and I just sent off another post to Lisa. I'll have time
      tomorrow to really get into this subject, if you like. One thing - my print is
      18" x 24" and framed. It has hung in every classroom where I have taught and it
      hangs on the wall in front of me now. I would be roaring at the top of my
      lungs if I walked into a Waldorf Kindergarten and found what you have described.
      I have my reasons, but I'm starting to squint at the 'puter and I think I hear
      my pillow calling me.

      I would very much appreciate it if you and anyone else interested in this
      particular subject would pop over to AT again, sign in and read my article
      "Religion in the Waldorf School" and the bits on Kindergarten and the Sistine
      Madonna. You can "unjoin" again right away if you want to. The articles have lots of
      pictures in them! Some of them - ME!! (A long time ago!)

      Good night and may God Bless (Saint Red)

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