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  • adm_anthroposophia
    Aug 4, 2005
      Queen of Red. King of White. Unite! Turn the Universe into Pink.


      --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, "dottie zold"
      <dottie_z@y...> wrote:
      > Gaelman:
      > > I was struck by your mention of the "visitation" by Miss
      > Magdalene.
      > > With experiences like that it seems to me that one should get
      > > immediately "practical" and grounded.
      > You know what's interesting Gaelman? People thinking what it should
      > mean or should happen once a person experiences somethings as I
      > I have seen the Christ in my room, and once in a box guiding me
      > I have seen his form in the clouds as well as that of Michael and
      > know they were for me to specifically see. But the only one who
      > appeared as a physical moving exsistance as in a bodily force was
      > Magdalene.
      > Now, I never gave it any thought as to what that means or even that
      > there was a difference in my experience of these Beings. But with
      > your question it ocurrs to me that it was the Magdalene that I was
      > clearly able to experience as a seeing and a real physical
      > The others were for me to 'believe' in the possibilities, or even
      > maybe a 'shoring up' a bit for what is in store for me. Like a
      > bit at a time so as not to overwhelm me.
      > But the Magdalene came straight at me in physical movement and from
      > above me. Almost as if one could close ones eyes and feel or even
      > a sparkly energetic thingy moving at you. And you would open your
      > eyes and truly what you thought was coming at you unseen was
      > truly coming at you. And she came with a thinking possibility, like
      > real possibility to interact with one on one. Like, right there in
      > your face. I never wondered what she thought about me 'batting' her
      > away. I did a few weeks back think on this but never before. I
      > actually try not to imagine if she understood that I thought she
      > saying she was truly me in the sense that I was that incarnation. I
      > didn't understand that she was showing me to myself as she will
      > others to themselves. Now I understand.
      > But I want to say there is a very grave misundertanding as to who
      > see her and also the Christ and what that must mean for their moral
      > lives and such. It is not as others say. It really is a weeping
      > heart that calls them forth. My heart weeps in a sense for wanting
      > serve. It always has and I imagine it always will. I am not perfect
      > as can be seen by this list however I do have such a perfect heart.
      > do so love everyone. And I do so stand at the service of the Queen.
      > And I think that my deep desire, which must come from the beginning
      > of time, is what calls them to me. It's not that I have acheived
      > Consciousness Soul or Spirit Self, or have attained the three
      > whatever it was that Terence spoke on, it is none of that. It is my
      > pure desire to serve and to grow to learn how to better serve.
      > So, I may not seem practical but I am very. I may not seem
      > intellectual but I am very. I may not seem balanced but I am very.
      > And the reason is because the grace that has been bestowed upon me
      > experience the Christ and the Magdalene and the Sophia and the
      > Michael have pulled me to the center of my core. And I still make
      > great mistakes. But I do try so very very hard. And that is what I
      > think it takes: a trying, weeping, swashbuckling, sailor swearing
      > heart that is very meek within.
      > Doesn't your heart weep Gaelman? I sense that it does.
      > And I will tell you a secret: I don't tell these things to make
      > myself look good: if anything it makes me look unbalanced,
      > and I catch a lot of slack for just suggesting it. But I do it for
      > Them. They want people to know that They are about. And I am fine
      > with that.
      > All good things,
      > Dottie
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