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  • Steve Hale
    Aug 4, 2005
      --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, "dottie zold"
      <dottie_z@y...> wrote:
      > Stephen:
      > > Well, for an astral body and an etheric body to be at the head
      > > foot of the empty grave, as perceived by Mary Magdalene, the
      > is
      > > proven to have existed in the Nathan Jesus, correct? And when
      > > sees the gardener who wakes her up, who's he?
      > Pardon my thickness Stephen, I do not understand what you are
      > here. Would you please rephrase it?
      > As I understand the those standing at the foot are the
      > representations of the Heavenly and Earthly Sophia tending the
      > I never considered it to be the astral and etheric of Christ. Is
      > what you are getting at? Which would seem to possibly be one part
      > the sevenfold mystery of this picture. And, again, we would have
      > remember that it is not only at the death but also before the
      > that we have these pictures of the Magdalene at the feet and also
      > annointing the head. But maybe I misunderstand you.
      > As for 'who woke her up', Christ is to have said she was already
      > who could see the Light, and I take that as the Sophia.
      What 'woke'
      > her up is actually the Word. She was the first to hear the 'Word'
      > transformed, and that men could now hear it again as in the time
      > old. Well, truth be told I am flying on a wing and a prayer with
      > last comment. But it is a good question as to who or what woke her
      > up. I'd say it was the transformed Word.
      > All good things,
      > Dottie

      Steiner gave an excellent single lecture entitled: Jesus and Christ,
      on Oct. 4, 1911, just before the major lecture course, "From Jesus
      To Christ", at Karslruhe from Oct. 5-14, 1911. And in this single
      lecture he expresses the important fact that when the Buddha and
      Zarathustra Streams converge in Jesus at the age of twelve, that the
      two mystery streams of the ancients also converged therein. One was
      an etheric path wherein the neophyte was taken into his inner self
      in order to find the God man, and the other took the student out of
      his body for an astral communion with the macrocosm, and the
      experience of "that thou art". Thus, the one path was the path of
      the microcosm and the other the path of the macrocosm. Both led to
      the experience of Universal Human. And the disciple took on his
      white garment; his nainsook to use a fine biblical term for it. And
      as a result of his initiation, he knew he bore an immortal soul, as
      his past lives were now there within this fine white garment that he
      now consciously possessed. And he became a warrior of the fourth
      stage of initiation.

      When Mary Magdalene sees two Angels at the foot and head of the
      empty tomb, she asks: "Where have they taken him"? And then, in
      seeing the gardener while weeping, a voice coming from the gardener
      says: "Mary!" And only then does she know Who the gardener is; The
      Risen Christ. Now, this is all covered quite well in Steiner's
      lectures on the Gospel of St. John, and the explanation of who the
      two Angels are, i.e., the etheric and astral bodies of Jesus having
      vacated the physical corpse. The Gospel of Mark lectures even say
      that the two Mary's see the young man from the night before, wearing
      the fine linen garment that had fallen to the ground when Jesus was
      taken into custody, but herein no reference is made to a gardener.
      And only the Luke gospel refers to the young man of Nain, which
      Steiner describes in his lecture cycle on the Gospel of Luke as
      being the Linga Sharira of the Matthew Jesus. And the Gospel of
      Matthew lectures make a profound imapct in emphasizing the two great
      streams flowing down out of the Godhead; the stream of 77
      generations to Joseph, and the stream of 42 generations to Joseph.
      And how the Hebrews are the chosen ones to prepare the physical
      hereditary bloodline for the incarnation of Zarathustra Himself into
      the boy born in a house in Bethlehem.

      Now, these two streams were originally vested in the first two
      students of Zarathustra; the one student being of contemporaneous
      space, and the other student being the student of uncreated time.
      Then, uncreated time got broken into creation, and the 42
      generations of Abraham commenced the specific downward tendency to
      the Matthew Jesus, while the spatial stream remained unabated. So,
      of necessity, the time stream and the space streams had to flow
      together for the future evolution of mankind. The Fifth Gospel is
      the supersensible gospel, known to the Hebrew priests even before
      the Gospel of Matthew was written, and restored two thousand years
      later by Rudolf Steiner. It fills in what the others can't discern,
      and gives us a fuller christology than has ever been known.

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