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18808Re: Adams Sister Soul

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  • dottie zold
    Aug 3, 2005
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      > Well, for an astral body and an etheric body to be at the head and
      > foot of the empty grave, as perceived by Mary Magdalene, the soul
      > proven to have existed in the Nathan Jesus, correct? And when she
      > sees the gardener who wakes her up, who's he?

      Pardon my thickness Stephen, I do not understand what you are saying
      here. Would you please rephrase it?

      As I understand the those standing at the foot are the
      representations of the Heavenly and Earthly Sophia tending the body.
      I never considered it to be the astral and etheric of Christ. Is that
      what you are getting at? Which would seem to possibly be one part of
      the sevenfold mystery of this picture. And, again, we would have to
      remember that it is not only at the death but also before the death
      that we have these pictures of the Magdalene at the feet and also
      annointing the head. But maybe I misunderstand you.

      As for 'who woke her up', Christ is to have said she was already one
      who could see the Light, and I take that as the Sophia. What 'woke'
      her up is actually the Word. She was the first to hear the 'Word'
      transformed, and that men could now hear it again as in the time of
      old. Well, truth be told I am flying on a wing and a prayer with that
      last comment. But it is a good question as to who or what woke her
      up. I'd say it was the transformed Word.

      All good things,

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