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  • dottie zold
    Aug 3, 2005
      Friends I just have to share this little piece from
      Dennis Klocek's book Knowledge, Teaching and teh Death
      of thy Mysteries:

      Adult Education: 2000

      "You take a picture from teh natural world, you hold
      it and try to unfold it sequence to sequence. A
      picture will form in you as a process of becoming.
      When you do that, you have directly entered your
      etheric body, that is imagination. In the beginning it
      is an imagination with a little i. If it is taken as a
      practice - a regular, rhythmical practice - and again
      and again you form a leaf and try to see how the leaf
      would grow, growing it in your inner eye, that is
      meditation. It is an etheric meditation on the formal
      principle behind the leaf.

      If it is incorrect, and you keep persisting in the
      rhythm, it will be corrected. It will be corrected by
      the beings who stand behind those ether forces in the
      natural world. They will come to you because suddenly
      here is a human being who is showing an extraordinary
      interest in their activity. Just think how you would
      feel if you ahd been laboring your whole life to do
      something in obscurity, and suddenly some being poked
      his head through into the space where you were working
      and said, "Wow! That is really cool, what you are
      doing!" What would you do? You would turn to him and
      say, 'Hey! Where have you been all my life?" That is
      just what the beings who are serving the Christ Being
      and teh Hierarchies in nature will do when you start
      to pay attention to them in the way they need to be
      paid attention to, which is in a lawful way.

      Goethe called this practice 'exact sense perception'.
      It is a great tool for the Waldorf teachers. Take
      anything that you are struggling with in a block, in a
      science block especially, and just try to picture it.
      But don't picture it as a dead thing; picture it with
      a sensitivity towards how it looked just before it got
      to where it is now. Then take that a step back, and
      then a step back. If you can get two or three steps
      back, you are in your ether body. That is right from
      Rudolf Steiner'. You are in your ether body if you can
      begin to see this process inwardly in an exact way. It
      has to be exact - and there is a danger. The danger is
      that when you do that, and you start to actually see
      pictures, you will think: one, that you made them; and
      two, that they are correct. So we have to make that
      more rigorous.

      What we do is to go from the ether body into the
      astral body, because the astral body is where the
      action is. Taht is where the adversaries are building
      little fast food places where they hang out, waiting
      for lunch. WE need to find a way in there, and teh way
      we find in, which osunds paradoxical, is that 'after'
      we form the exact picture we have to think it away
      into complete and utter silence. When we think it away
      into complete utter silence, we have entered directly
      into our astral body, according to Rudolf Steiner.
      When we participate in the astral body, the danger is
      that in the astral body we hvae the experiencces that
      we have no form, because the form comes from the
      etheric pole."


      This man is so amazing. Really. It's like reading
      Rudolf Steiner it is so simplistic yet so very deep
      and oh so very very funny. Dr. Steiner makes me laugh,
      he always has, and now so does Mr. Klocek. He has a
      great thought on how we 'turn the will' and a great
      ongoing conversation with the hiearchies asking 'why
      are they following those retarded beings with
      everything we give them?:))))) Oh God it is so
      wonderful to read a modern day man after the likes of
      Dr. Steiner. Truly it is.

      I think this is a great book for people who want to
      know what Dr. Steiner' teachings are about. I mean Mr.
      Klocek expresses Dr. Steiner's thoughts in such
      simplistic terms that I can hear Dr. Steiner saying
      'hey, why didn't I think to say it like that, thanks
      Dennis' :)) Really it is that good and simplified.
      Maybe I will share a part of his thoughts on the
      'turning of the will' tomorrow. It's pretty stunning
      and again simplistic.

      All good things,

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