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18292Re: Anthroposophical Society -was: Angels work in our astral body Frank:

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  • Frank Thomas Smith
    Jul 2, 2005
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      > Yes, this was the essay Willy wrote as a condensation of the book
      > you referred to above. It was given out as an "initiative to all"
      > in February of 1997, as the first general membership initiative
      > seeking to readdress the statute issues of the refounding of 1923,
      > in terms of what Steiner actually meant, and correcting the errors
      > made since that time. My interest lies in the clever machinations
      > conducted behind Steiner's back in order to position the GBA,
      > (Goetheanum Building Association) as the very Association that would
      > rule the GAS for the past 80 years. Wachsmuth had the legal
      > training to help facilitate the GBA becoming the legally chartered
      > association, and no taxes were ever paid in gaining this clever
      > transition from the building asociation to its corporate equivalent.

      The Building Association already was a legally registered non profit
      corporation, whereas the Anthroposophical Society, although a legal entity,
      was not registered. Wachsmuth claimed to have been told by the local
      authorities that its by-laws weren't acceptable for registration. It was
      later discovered that these by-laws were, in fact, acceptable. However,
      Wachsmuth's motives remain a mystery - for everyone, including Wilfried
      Heidt, whom I have known for many years, and is a co-signer (with me) of the
      1986 "memorandum", http://southerncrossreview.org/memorandum.htm which
      started the general, often acrimonious, debate.

      > Rudolf Steiner was basically too busy conducting important final
      > matters, and entrusted this work to Gunther Wachsmuth and the other
      > members of the executive council. He struggled throughout the year
      > in increasingly frail health in order to meet his objectives. With
      > little energy available to him due to a digestive system that had
      > been undermined severely since the last day of the Christmas
      > Conference of 1923, he was attending to the real spiritual matters
      > for the future. Remember, this was a super-earthly event.

      It is also unknown what Steiner thought about the General Meeting of the
      Building Society on Feb. 8, 1925. However, he certainly was active in the
      business of the Society from 1923 until he took to bed because of illness.
      He died in March 1925.
      One assumes that he intended that the AS be a separate entity, but not
      everyone agrees. Heidt, fe, changed his opinion and believes that one
      Society was intended, but with very different statutes. It's all very