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18272Re: On a lighter note :)

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  • observer_ardnaxela
    Jul 1, 2005
      I thought I replied, but I must have done something wrong....

      Hi, Dottie!~

      That's so awesome that you saw wings on yourself!~
      :-o => :-\ => :-) => :-D
      Could you feel them? or move them? How long were they there? Maybe
      my teacher had a similar experience or heard the story you know...
      I'll try to remember to ask her when I get back in school early

      I've got the summer off, if you're talking about school. But,
      otherwise, it is more stressful than the schoolyear -- Lol! Thinking
      of my plan for the next year starting now is making me feel ill. I'm
      thinking through my beliefs in this last big opportunity, to attempt
      to survive my ambition. Lol!


      --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, dottie zold
      <dottie_z@y...> wrote:
      > Hey Alexandra:)
      > Nice to hear your voice again!
      > Well, I am one that works from inspiration and
      > imagination along with a healthy intution and a nature
      > way of seeing things.
      > So, wings ey? Well, I saw them on myself. :) I was
      > walking and contemplating a thing and I saw in my sun
      > shadow two wings growing out of my shoulder, a little
      > below where it meets the neck. Someone else might say
      > they were 'horns' but I would take that as a
      > compliment as well:))))
      > I remember a while back in the beginning of my studies
      > reading about someone who had died and it was noticed
      > that there were two structures along the shoulder that
      > appeared to be 'wings'. Now, it may have been a
      > mythology story or even a legend of sorts, but I did
      > not recall this until I saw them almost as little
      > stubs with a little small bird wing protruding from
      > each of them.
      > So, I thought to share that as I thought maybe it
      > would shake someones memory as to if they had ever
      > heard such a thing. I do not believe Dr. Steiner spoke
      > on this although, hey, you never know :) it might have
      > been said in relating to man of yesteryear, way
      > yesteryear :)
      > Got the summer off?
      > All good things,
      > Dottie
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