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18258Re: Angels work in our astral body

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  • holderlin66
    Jul 1, 2005
      Grandma Butterfly


      Frank, this is just a fine, fine, fine tale, worthy of any gathering,
      yikes, it was good. It doesn't get much better than that..What a

      Bradford comments;

      Wrapped in a winding sheet and Revelation unfurls the wings of the
      Cosmic human butterfly, that was Lazarus...but this is Grandma.
      Grandma is going to take a long journey children. My Grandma
      Anderson of Wheaton made the most striking impression on me. She
      made a striking impression on my cousin David..It is too long to go
      into, but she, like other old country souls, rose early, harvested
      in the dew of the Garden, care giver for a whole house of elderly,
      which she was kind of a doctor to, backed the bread, laundered,
      shopped, and it was this thing Steiner said about blessing, that the
      touch of certain older people in our lives transmits blessing..

      Well, it is too long to go into...but Frank got the essence of a
      real meeting with an Angelic Being in his tale. Our meetings as
      Consciousness Soul candidates means taking images of others home,
      reviewing our day backwards in astral compression and transforming
      inner vision with each person we see, to see their unique agile or
      docile spirit, wearing matter, so that we see the spirit, tone,
      gesture, and identity as this mobile image of the divine.

      Angels are working in the astral body, and some of our grandmothers
      with gardens and whole flocks of grandchildren held the insights and
      lived with them warmly and unconsciously...and their touch, brought
      blessing and their Angels appreciated their journey.

      Nice work Frank!
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