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18255Re: Angels work in our astral body

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  • Larry
    Jun 30, 2005
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      Stephen Hale wrote:
      > Bradford concluded with:
      > ... What the heck is yur friggin problem you
      > sorathian leader of the western ahrimanic bid for devouring our
      > young men and women for putrid lies...
      > If this was meant for me, I say: Don't get your feathers in disarray
      > there, big

      Doesn't sound like you to me, I think he was energizing someone
      else. What I don't get is how someone's etheric body could wind up on
      the astral plane, any more than their physical body could. It sounds
      impossible. (And if the etheric body separated from their physical in
      order to accomplish this, wouldn't they die very

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