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15823Re: Pete Diana phenomena

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  • winters_diana
    May 2, 2005
      Hi Bradford. Do you recall that I was raised Christian Scientist?
      Does this post have my name on it for a reason?

      It'd be nice if you could communicate directly with other humans,
      rather than just sermonizing, and then threatening and berating
      people who haven't responded the way you'd have liked.

      I will get back to this post. I've flagged a couple of other things
      up ahead but may not do this today.

      My father is a sort of lapsed/renegade Christian Scientist, still
      very devout in his heart. His mother knew Mary Baker Eddy (or so a
      rather unreliable family history legend has it). Your comments are,
      as always, fascinating.

      > Bradford comments;

      >What do we dislike about ourselves? The fine line between a
      >childhood belief system, foisted, like parents who chose Waldorf
      >Education or Christian Science, foisted upon their children or an
      >entire family following a line that sounds like Christian
      >Science/Spiritual Science and unable to discover any discerning
      >difference between the two systems.
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