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15807Re: the Secular Humanist Man

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  • Mike helsher
    May 1, 2005
      --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, Jo Ann Schwartz wrote:
      > > "Some people like [waldorf schools] better. I for one
      > > Care less for them!"
      > Mike,
      > ROTFLMAO!! But, one small quibble, shouldn't the above read:
      > "Some people like waldorf schools better, I myself
      > Care less for them!"
      > Musing YMMV,
      > JoAnn

      Hey JoAnn, I think it was a guy they called "Catpain Beefheart" that
      did some of the monolouge for that song (the Miffin Man). I haven't
      heard the song myself in about ten years or so, but I distinctly
      remember him saying it in a deep throbbing vioce saying "I for one
      care less for them" which has a bit of a more dramatic effect in the
      song. But I like your version too.

      Hey, I can't remember what ROTFLMAO means??? or YMMV either??

      Much love and stuff

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