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  • holderlin66
    May 1, 2005
      holderlin wrote:

      "If it took someone, and I don't recommend Tarjei's or Mike's path,
      but if destruction of the roots of ones being, either with drugs or
      being absolutely honest...and being born in Norway...with absolutely
      rebellious parents...Now otherwise, such a war torn country, a new
      battle, such as Mike's or my cousin David's or Pete's or Diana's or
      Dan's are fought out on a layer of deep psychology in a war torn
      country of the soul."


      "The hypothesis of chance as prime mover in development grows even
      more doubtful when we consider the numerous correspondences and
      connections human biography shows in relation to the evolution of the
      realms of nature and the situation of the whole cosmos. Human
      metabolism follows circadian rhythms which in turn depend on the
      sun's orbit around the earth. Pregnancy is still counted in lunar
      months, embryonic development proceeding in characteristic weekly
      and 4-weekly stages, not to speak of the direct effect of the sun on
      the vitamin D precursor in human skin, for instance, and on
      photosynthesis in plants. In terms of space and of rhythmic time
      sequences, earth and cosmos are part of a finely attuned
      system of relationship; nothing drops out of this as
      being "meaningless." This goes so far that even orders of magnitude
      show exact correspondence. I once worked out where we
      would get to if we took the number steps in powers of ten into the
      universe that we need to take to come to the smallest building
      stones of matter, which are in the range of 10( 16) 10( 18) meters.
      10( 16) 10( 18) meters reflects the distance to the nearest fixed
      stars, e.g. Alpha Centauri.

      To speak of chance when one knows of all these interactions and
      correspondences resulting from genetics, the influence of
      environmental factors and finally also the whole of nature and the
      cosmos around us, is to my mind to speak of a hypothesis that rests
      on extremely shaky foundations.

      "A great deal of research will clearly be needed to verify the
      details of the working hypothesis so clearly
      stated by Rudolf Steiner. Let me show it in a sketch here in

      "According to this hypothesis, genetic material is selected not on
      the basis of good or bad luck or random chance, but by the human I,
      a reality in the spirit even before birth. With the aid of its
      thought organism (called the "ether body" by Rudolf Steiner, 1904)
      it has selected and combined the paternal and maternal genetic
      material in the way most appropriate to the individual' development.
      The genetic piano keys of our ancestors are played by the essential
      individual nature of the human being himself, and this also takes
      in the environmental influences it needs by developing specific
      interest and abilities to relate. Using its powers of thought,
      individual human nature sets its own developmental goals. At the
      same time it will depend on how it thinks about nature and the earth
      how these will develop in the centuries ahead. For in the human
      being evolutive potential comes free of the germ track of species,
      being available to man as thinking activity; independent creative
      potential to develop a concept of his own further development."

      Bradford comments;

      Are we our biographies? But how extensive are our biographies? What
      strikes the difference? This War Torn Iraq or War torn Viet Nam and
      a syndrome we call Post traumatic stress disorder is now applied to
      the soul. It becomes the same post traumatic stress disorder, under
      different names, if we apply the destructive forces of drugs,
      criminality and unleashing the hidden forces of the astral
      instincts, star animals in the soul, that run riot, are also
      symptoms of a War. Our War with ourselves and finding a working, in
      depth spiritual compass to carry the I AM through the morass of

      External destructive forces and a society that inwardly devours
      itself or individuals that cannot find the constructive force of
      inner soul reflection, apply to themselves a war torn ideology, they
      become their own individual war torn post traumatic stress disorder.
      But, you say, what stress, where was the instance that some had to
      experience external stress to have the application and the grasp
      that we are in the embrace, the embrace, the tidal surge of Shock
      and Awe, massive unleashed Ahrimanic issues from a global Being
      seeking to overthrow the Global issue of the free I AM, strikes
      right down to the base structure of the soul. And presently this
      attack, watering down, distracting, vaccines, fast food, media
      addiction, instant gratification, intellectuall conceit and cunning,
      play directly on the map of how the soul will navigate through this
      rough air space, massive psychic turbulence and find their own
      navigational center of gravity tied to the roots of world reality.


      "As it has been the aim of my dharma for approximately thirty years
      to transform my personal life in the light of the Mahayana and the
      transpersonal, I sought the guidance, first, of Sri Aurobindo, whom
      I have long considered the foremost spiritual teacher of modern
      India. Without revising that assessment, I turned for guidance to
      Rudolf Steiner, whom I consider the foremost spiritual guide of the
      West -- and perhaps of this historical period. It seems to me that
      Steiner has given a more comprehensive spiritual teaching than
      anyone else of the last several centuries. I have been working both
      at deepening my Anthroposophical work as such, and also at creating
      relationships between my Anthroposophical discipline and the
      spiritual work of diverse individuals and groups, many of whom are

      "The transpersonal movement is based on a panoply of non-ordinary
      experiences, including those derived from psychotropics and
      psychedelics, meditation, shamanic practices, intuition, rituals,
      spiritual journeys, artistic activities, and organizational
      transformation -- a truly radical empiricism and one deepened by
      traditions of practice. The entire transpersonal movement has issued
      primarily from psychology, the most transpersonally advanced western
      discipline from the 1960's to the present. The transpersonal
      movement in turn continues to influence psychology and allied
      disciplines on behalf of a conception of psyche as profound and
      proactive. Not properly an `ism' or a community, `transpersonal' is
      an adjective prefixed to a loose confederacy of ideas, ideals,
      critiques and practices, as well as cultural (and more typically
      counter-cultural) mores.

      "I would propose as a working definition that the term transpersonal
      refers to a group of worldviews and practices which aim to foster
      soul transformative experience as well as to deepen and expand
      awareness of psychic and spiritual realities. It should be added to
      this definition that the realities which we in the third millennium
      West consider extraordinary would be perceived as perfectly ordinary
      in earlier cultures and in cultures at the present time not yet
      overwhelmed by the modern western paradigm. In recent decades,
      experiences that were kept out of mainstream cultural and
      intellectual life have been increasingly recognized as worthy of
      attention. As positivism and materialism tighten their grip on the
      intellectual life of the West, so do an increasing number of
      individuals and communities affirm the interior life. As darkness
      spreads, individual lights do shine, and need to shine, ever

      Bradford draws a broad example:

      Navigational adventuring out into the wide world and examing
      individual biographies are part of the crux of any approach to how a
      person has arrived or brought their family towards Waldorf or how
      they arrived at a clear decision to desire to study at an Anthro
      University. I would ask parents how they arrived here or whereever
      the Waldorf destiny had brought them and I would also ask specific
      questions in regard to parental navigation, expectation and
      childhood illnesses, specific destiny traits they have

      Then there is the intimacy of biography and the strange impelling
      forces that we bring with us into incarnation.

      "Already as little boy Heinrich Schliemann was obsessed by the idea
      that Homer had given an account of true history in his great epic
      poems - the Iliad and the Odyssey, and that Troy had really existed.
      He did all to find this famous place. And he achieved one of the
      greatest sensations of archaeology: The discovery of Troy and




      "...we find Garibaldi spending his boyhood in Nice as the son of a
      poor man who has a job in the navigation service. He is a child who
      has little inclination to take part in what the current education of
      the country has to offer, a child who is not at all brilliant at
      school, but who takes a lively interest in all sorts and varieties
      of human affairs. What he learns at school has indeed the effect of
      inducing him very often to play truant. While the teacher was trying
      in his own way to bring some knowledge of the world to the children,
      the boy Garibaldi much preferred to romp about out-of-doors, to
      scamper through the woods or play games by the riverside. On the
      other hand, if he once got hold of some book that appealed to him,
      nothing could tear him from it. He would lie on his back by the hour
      in the sunshine, absolutely absorbed, not even going home for meals.

      Broadly speaking, however, it was the great world that interested
      him. While still quite young he set about preparing himself for his
      father's calling and took part in sea voyages, at first in a
      subordinate, and afterwards in an independent position. He made many
      voyages on the Adriatic and shared in all the varied experiences
      that were to be had in the first half of the 19th century, when
      Liberalism and Democracy had not yet organised the traffic on the
      sea and put it under police regulations, but when some freedom of
      movement was still left in the life of man! He shared in all the
      experiences that were possible in times when one could do more or
      less what one wanted! And so he also had the experience — I believe
      it happened to him three or four times — of being seized by pirates.
      As well as being a genius, however, he was sly, and every time he
      was caught, he got away again, and very quickly too!

      And so Garibaldi grew up into manhood, always living in the great
      world. As I have said, I do not intend to give you a biography but
      to point out characteristic features of his life that can lead us on
      to a consideration of what is really important and essential."

      Bradford concludes;

      Critics can spout all they want against Anthroposophy or Spiritual
      Science but they really do not have a cognitive leg to stand on. We
      are all in either the consttructive or destructive battle of a
      navigational model for defining the I AM. Every leg of distancing
      themselves from one cult, lands them in another cult, the cult of
      current science beliefs in the big bang, which is a lousy, lousy,
      theory and also an intellectually safe cult with no answers, much
      worse than the accumulated intimate data from stone, plant, animal,
      human and the vast Goethean studies in the intimacy of biography
      that Spiritual Science provides.

      Somewhere in the soul life the soul starts to make cognitive sense
      of the vast historical testimony that humanity has brought forward
      regarding the spiritual world. If not, they remain post traumatic
      stress disorder fence sitters who are still in a war zone of their
      own souls soup.
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