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  • holderlin66
    Apr 30, 2005
      holderlin wrote:

      "...Initiates sometimes write messages ahead in order to
      slip quietly into time and pick up what they were working on, on
      assignment, prior to their incarnation on Earth."

      Now lets take a bigger physics problem of time and those notes left
      for the future. There is the incident with the three kings. Here we
      encounter a real time coded and star coded message of direction, map
      on and link to a geographic place and time. No GPS involved. Who knew
      and who still dares to say that Jesus was not Zarathustra? And just
      for a kicker, what about ZARA and NaZARA eth? Who wants to say that
      time coded messages that indicated future events are not done with
      Initiate Science? Heck of landing pad, traveling through time and
      leaving a stark message ahead of oneself.

      The workings in the world reveal intimate intricacies of complexity.
      Certainly unraveling the complexities of Karma is a physics issue
      where we understand that entering the world of matter, as a being, and
      preparing to enter into a profound mission, with the starry world in
      agreement, that there are certainly risks involved. We sometimes miss
      the indicators that we ourselves have left for our destiny moments and
      we get lost.

      Why would Herod, aside from selfish motive, want to kill out that
      which was indicated in his own prophetic books? His own people had a
      sense that there was a time breach, a crack in the window, where the
      elements of the human I were consciously working out a vast physics
      problem of time and space coordinates. Humanity had gotten wind of it.

      Is this fiction or fact or are we merely little scared rabbits? The
      Revelation of John is a vast time coded message that takes a lot of
      work to decode. The discovery of America was prevented for some time,
      until humanity got some Ahrimanic traction to deal with the geographic
      forces that America would unleash in the soul.

      Now the capacity for Deja vu in each of us, and I have my own distinct
      examples that have to do with the Ruckshau the nightly review that
      gives the astral body a muscle exercise in time and astral dimensions.
      This Ruckshau or review of the day, backwards, compresses the astral
      body into use for the I AM. Accurate waking, or morning dreams reveal
      whole forwarded events that can take, months to years to have ME the
      person meet the event and recognize it. But it all too frequently

      And what do we like to do? We like to diddle with Nostradamus. We
      don't like to apply this exercise to us, because that might prove that
      we have an astral and etheric sheath that we can learn to develop. And
      the shocking proof of these future postcards that arrive just as we
      are about to wake in the morning reveal intense certainty of issues.
      What are these issues? They are science issues. Initiate/human being -
      science issues.

      But the magik, is not some cliche about some abstract beyond reason
      miracle. The magik is that into the laws of our organic world human,
      animals, plants and stones are embedded. All these beings and organic
      life are locked in time waves. We and Initiates must choose passage
      into this world through certain amazingly exact biological and stellar
      laws. The laws can't be bent so that somebody can say miracle when it
      is actually Initiation or natural law. Initiates and Jesus had to work
      within the time frame of the tableau of the Jewish destiny and
      Initiates as scienctists must work within the framework of the laws of
      matter and spirit. Plain and simple spirit and matter are locked into
      the destiny of Earth and humanity carries the destiny of Earth.

      This leads to "My Fathers House has many kingdoms, mansions" even to
      the point that both St. Francis and Buddha had to obey Mars laws, to
      enter the dimesnions and key coded realm of Mars Beings. But how do
      Mars Beings and Earth Beings not see each other and wave at each other
      with telescopes... this has to do with higher senses. Using the
      microsope or telescope will not develop what Goethe pioneered as
      etheric capacities...

      So how do we relate to science, so far like toddlers with far, far,
      far too many toys and lots of distorted shock and awe since Ahriman is
      in there working overtime to keep us off track.
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