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  • holderlin66
    Apr 30 10:11 AM
      holderlin wrote:

      " approach the Christ mystery in such depth that the
      moment of Zarathaustra, Buddha, Leaving the Jesus vehicle for the
      Christ entrance...has a whole series of rich and powerful, touching
      insights that might violate those deeply hidden roots of childhood
      and the introspection needed, is not deep enough yet to get you to a
      new karmic inner standpoint."

      Bradford comments;

      If you are reading this, you already have distanced yourself from
      the actual stunning biographical experiences that have shaped your
      lives. It is all, now, pleasantly abstract. Sure we have children,
      grandchildren and our experiences, the experiences that changed us,
      are buried in us, and that is why I can justifiably speak of
      shallowness. We are now both abstract and shallow.

      If it took someone, and I don't recommend Tarjei's or Mike's path,
      but if destruction of the roots of ones being, either with drugs or
      being absolutely honest...and being born in Norway...with absolutely
      rebellious parents...Now otherwise, such a war torn country, a new
      battle, such as Mike's or my cousin David's or Pete's or Diana's or
      Dan's are fought out on a layer of deep psychology in a war torn
      country of the soul. Only they don't recognize, Joel has been
      damaged but is trying to be honest and Mike, it is hardly any
      difference between those who came back from Nam externally and those
      who now come back half torn apart from the Iraq war of lies. The 12
      step program, deep destructive behavior eventually gets to the ugly
      roots and always at the bottom of those roots you find some dip
      shit, clinging to a cross around their necks or tatooed or on their
      ankles or wrist...why, do they think the I AM of Christ went that
      deep or was Christ also shallow? Therefore many remain, if they
      cannot penetrate themselves with either constructive or destructive
      forces, remain shallow and prisoners of their own self written karma.

      Naturally they may not think it was their self written karma, but
      this would entail such delicate grasp of things that change us and
      it interferes with the 'feeling of rebellion and the wild stallion
      of the emotional intellect'. If we examine Paul's or Saul to Paul's
      experience, we are stunned by the shock it hits him with. But if we
      examine the "Fifth Gospel" by Steiner, we fathom intimate, intimate
      experiences and should we not grasp these intimate, initmate
      experiences and reflect on them? Steiner describes how his own
      father was a 'freethinker' and how as a child he loved the church
      rituals. It starts us thinking...

      But of these intimate experiences we could say, well shit that
      explains it doesn't it? Steiner never got over his childhood peace
      around Christ discussions and rituals so he made up his own rituals
      which Bradford calls Steiner's Medicine Wheel of the Foundation
      Stone. YOu see, I don't think many of us here on this list are
      mature, creative or reveal the strength of insight needed to ripen
      the I AM in us. Insight and ripening that carries all the delusion
      of imagining reincarnation as a factor in the Time Body of humans.

      I mentioned that my own adopted destiny had built in safeguards
      until I hit the age of 18 1/2...now I certainly had to be somewhere
      different than my old family values by the year 18 1/2, how I got
      there was riding the rails of my instincts, but aside from Steiner,
      my Moon node popped in to reveal Bradford Karma, not family karma,
      and then my safeguards fell away for the entrance of Bradford into
      my life. Now since we aren't able to follow the simplest insights of
      how Goethe overcame Kant or broke into etheric sciences or grasped a
      new dimension of human sheaths, all of this is just merely abstract
      dithering. Because yes U, remain abstract and shallow.

      You look at your own life and beliefs and you see how much you can
      make truly your own or are you still rebelling like babies against
      what mommy and daddy taught you? Entering the intimacy of stunning
      changes in the soul life, tracking moments when karma arises and
      getting a hold of your biography are all truly advanced regions of
      study that Spiritual Science offers. But you have had to arrive at
      at least a minimum of Consciousness Soul finger tip grip on the

      If I look at Goethe, and Pete already displayed his own bent
      pathologies here, Goethe and his destiny, his childhood illness and
      his breakthrough into the etheric world, where he could truly sense
      this Faustian effect and truly see the science and plant world in a
      different light, we would have to examine where the karma for the
      like of Goethe came from? If we wanted to examine it and not be
      shallow. But that is all anyone cares to be is shallow. If we look
      at such an intimacy of an inner illness and Goethe nearly dying and
      gaining from his high fever a new capacity...but where did he
      already germinate this capacity? This is the problem and I really
      get annoyed at the bogus mental capacity on a research list like
      this. Details in our own lives and details in the standard model of
      other lives. Because there is a standard model of biographical
      systems that open back doors to our own higher mysteries, if we
      aren't shallow.

      If we look at our own children and see how different they are than
      us, that is good. But Goethe went on to break into the best example
      of the Consciousness Soul of Europe and recognized by Emerson and
      the English as one of the highest reps of humanity. What Pete thinks
      is just down stream from any integrity and reflects the abstract
      shallowness of our current flaming e-mail intellectual games, that
      amount to looking seriously at our own biographies. True, but where
      did Goethe get this inner capacity of breaking into the Etheric and
      of course what follows, how did Steiner choose Goethe as his
      mainspring or mainsqueeze. I love that old word, my main squeeze...
      talk about love... Main squeeze to propel people rightly to the
      borderland of true etheric sciences.

      These are intimate insights and the details of these insights take
      us into wonderful psychological regions that are far more advanced
      than some of the shallow participants of their own lives on this
      list are willing to admit to. But we know these things. There are
      psychological models to these things and then there are karmic
      models and Goethe is one stunning little karmic marvel, if we
      actually weren't so abstract to see how our own lives bring about
      the intimacy of rich changes, and guess what, shallownesses
      incarnate, Spiritual Science is right in there already defining what
      you wish was something that remained undefined and abstract. It
      ain't abstract and if you want we can get right down to the models
      and you fill in the empty spaces of your biographies, between your
      two ears.

      That is your shallownesses whole wish, to have your soul remain
      undefined so that you do not have to do the introspection, which is
      very interesting and rich, as long as it isn't just looking at your
      navel. It is interesting if you take rich examples, richly
      distributed over biographies in Steiner's research and begin to
      understand the Sheaths, physical, etheric, astral, the stars, your
      biography and of course begin to unravel the common and clear cut
      wisdom that has been outlined in fairy tales and biographies from
      cradle to grave for centuries upon centuries. Every biography has
      the same set of riddles and a time lay out and a star lay out and a
      field of choices.

      But shallownesses read: [preciousnessessss] don't wish to see the
      mirror of the world reflected in the I AM and how my little I AM
      fits into the mirror of the world. The Jury is still out and so the
      rest of us must play toddler sitting to philosophy and psychology
      till the toddlers decide to grow up and remove the scab of their
      shallowness. And thank heavens Buddha gave us the patience to grow
      ourselves slowly. Because subjective intimacy has changed to
      objective science since the last time you were incarnated on the
      Earth and Earth life is no longer just an unconcious game played
      with no rules.

      Do your own homework and enjoy it.
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