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  • holderlin66
    Apr 30, 2005
      Christian Science holds that "false beliefs are the procuring cause
      of all sin and disease." (Science and Health, p. 171) Indeed,
      relying on medicine is a sin because it is "anti-Christian".
      (Science and Health, p. 169)

      Supposedly, physicians themselves actually cause disease! They "are
      flooding the world with diseases, because they are ignorant that the
      human mind and body are myths". (Science and Health, pp. 150-
      151) "[T]he ordinary physician is liable to increase disease with
      his own mind..." (Science and Health, p. 159)

      Drugs do not work. "[A] drug has no efficacy of its own, but borrows
      its power from human faith and belief. The drug does nothing,
      because it has no intelligence." (Science and Health, p. 12)

      Bradford comments;

      What do we dislike about ourselves? The fine line between a
      childhood belief system, foisted, like parents who chose Waldorf
      Education or Christian Science, foisted upon their children or an
      entire family following a line that sounds like Christian
      Science/Spiritual Science and unable to discover any discerning
      difference between the two systems. They sound alike and behave
      alike and it all is the same mumbo jumbo and bible stuff rolled into
      a big fat cigar. They all have the same flaws, the same errors and
      the same type of stupid people who are attracted to them. People
      like my dumb parents.

      What is the difference between Steiner and Mary Baker Eddy? These
      are tough calls and if we insist to a newbie or a psychologically
      embedded Christian Science upbringing that they are apples and
      oranges...both fruits, we encounter rebellions directed somewhere,
      somewhere intended against the parents who chose such a whacky
      antisocial destiny, in either of the above cases but direted against
      the followers of those whacky beliefs. Now hard is that to

      Yes, I admit it. I inflicted Waldorf Education on my two children,
      now thirty, and I have paid dearly for it ever since. And the crux
      of the argument is choosing something the parents thought right for
      their children and somehow new agey enough, wholistic or holistic
      enough and granola enough....And then there is the side issue of
      STeiner himself and all those brainwashed souls... It is very hard
      to grasp such nose bleed concepts as the history of science and the
      sheaths of a human being and all that Bible stuff of Steiner's let
      alone the strange thoughts that run through Waldorf teachers heads.
      Now Catholics, strict Catholics have also the same rebellion going
      on against strong belief systems as the Christian Science family

      Well no, my parents never heard of Spiritual Science and would never
      have approached it if they did. Me, Wheaton Illinois was the destiny
      location of my hot summers with my cousin David and John Belushi.
      Wheaton Illinois and Naperville was Billy Graham and Christian
      fundamental country and my Grandma was wonderfully and warmly,
      deeply embedded in Lutheran Christian values... Norwegian as she
      was. But, but I was adopted and went to public schools and I can
      define my destiny in somewhat of a unique pattern outside of the
      family embeddedness. Mainly because of specific incarnations
      safeguards that I always thought were handicaps, rather they
      protected my spiritual integrity.

      Not so my cousin David. Same Age, Three time swift boat runner in
      Nam and former resident of Joliet Prison, heroine abuser and
      addicted and finally coming full circle back to grannies religion,
      Fundamental Preacher for the Hells Angels and huge...I love my
      cousin David, we have always been like brothers. It is a stunning
      book unwritten but very much on the model of C.S. Lewis, "Until we
      Have Faces."

      But I would never expect, nor can even hope that thinking,
      discernment and growth in the objective actiivty of the Spiritual
      Science would ever grow as a destiny force in either my parents or
      David. Now it is not to say that the roots of a person cannot be
      overcome but I say to you that it is hard in the Pauline sense, that
      Paul was strictly brought up, highly educated, to kick against the
      pricks of his beliefs.

      For the entire roots of ones being rebels against the idea that Paul
      heard a voice inside his spirit, or that the human being has the
      capacity to approach the Christ mystery in such depth that the
      moment of Zarathaustra, Buddha, Leaving the Jesus vehicle for the
      Christ entrance...has a whole series of rich and powerful, touching
      insights that might violate those deeply hidden roots of childhood
      and the introspection needed, is not deep enough yet to get you to a
      new karmic inner standpoint. Or, as is stated by critcs, we are all
      daft and just the same brand of beliefs as any other belief. And
      then they hide themselves, actually have the nerve to hide
      themselves in the flaky belief of the Big Bang and matters myths.

      Because is there really a difference between Dr. Steiner and Mary
      Baker Eddy?

      "Mrs. Eddy's Checkered Career


      "Most Christian Scientists display a great deal of reverence for
      Mary Baker Eddy, the founder of their religion. For some adherents,
      such as Bliss Knapp, author of The Destiny of the Mother Church,
      Mrs. Eddy was a semi-divine being whose coming was prophesied in
      Isaiah. Knapp's book was originally suppressed by the Christian
      Science hierarchy, but eventually was published by them in what some
      saw as a cynical ploy to reap the rewards of Knapp's US $90 million
      bequest [Ost].

      However, a careful examination of the record shows that Mrs. Eddy
      often acted in direct contradiction to the tenets of her own

      For example, a diary kept by Calvin Frye, a household servant of
      Mrs. Eddy, reveals that she was addicted to morphine, and in fact
      had a lifelong dependence on morphine pills and shots [Gar].

      In her later life, Mrs. Eddy wore glasses (supposedly not needed by
      Christian Scientists) and was frequently attended by doctors [Sta].

      In the last half of her life, Mrs. Eddy developed symptoms of
      paranoia, claiming that her enemies were attempting to attack her
      with "malicious animal magnetism" (MAM). She once wrote, "Mother
      never has and cannot be mistaken in her diagnosis of MAM." In the
      second and third editions of Science and Health, she demanded that
      courts recognize crimes committed by MAM [Gar].

      She sued a former associate for using MAM to inflict "great
      suffering of body and mind and spinal pains and neuralgia and a
      temporary suspension of mind" on one of her followers [Gar].

      As Martin Gardner has shown, she plagiarized material from many
      sources, particularly Thomas Carlyle and John Ruskin [Gar].

      Of course, none of these incidents have any direct bearing on the
      health claims of Christian Science, but they do cast serious doubt
      on the image of Mary Baker Eddy as ethical teacher and model
      promoted by the Christian Science church.

      Mrs. Eddy's Tall Tales

      Mrs. Eddy's writings are filled with bizarre incidents, leading one
      to believe that either she was extremely gullible or that she
      cynically manipulated her audience with these tall tales. For
      example, she once claimed [Gar, p. 57] that some Oxford students
      killed a criminal by making him think he was bleeding to death. "Had
      they changed the felon's belief that he was bleeding to death,
      removed the bandage from his eyes, and he had seen that a vein had
      not been opened, he would have resuscitated." No documentation was
      provided for this claim.

      In Science and Health, p. 245, she wrote of an English woman
      who, "disappointed in love in her early years, she became insane and
      lost all account of time. Believing that she was still living in the
      same hour which parted her from her lover, taking no note of years,
      she stood daily before the windo watching for her lover's coming. In
      this mental state she remained young. Having no consciousness of
      time, she literally grew no older. Some American travellers saw her
      when she was seventy-four, and supposed her to be a young woman. She
      had no care-lined face, no wrinkles nor gray hair, but youth sat
      gently on cheek and brow. Asked to guess her age, those unacquainted
      with her history conjectured that she must be under twenty." Mrs.
      Eddy cited as her source an article in the Lancet, but without
      volume and page numbers it is impossible to verify the source.

      Also in Science and Health, pp. 556-557, she wrote: "It is related
      that a father plunged his infant babe, only a few hours old, into
      the water for several minutes, and repeated this operation daily,
      until the child could remain under water twenty minutes, moving and
      playing without harm, like a fish." Again, she provided no
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